A Good Steak, There’s Nothing Like It

Steak is a delectable delight enjoyed by millions around the world. A lot of people think a steak is a steak but how wrong they are. Let’s talk about a few different types.

Filet Mignon

The Filet Mignon is a stylish cut taken from the heart of the beef tenderloin that has outstanding taste as well as texture. This is the most expensive cut you can find. The soft flesh and great flavor of this cut make it well worth the price though.

NY Strip

The NY Strip is one of the best cuts for grilling you will ever find. It is tender and flavorful and holds up well to most methods of cooking.

The Ribeye


Taking the time to get it right is well worth it.

The Ribeye is another great cut that is often times found in restaurants. With excellent marbling throughout the meat this is one of the juiciest cuts you can find.

The Porterhouse

A lot of folks believe these to be the best of all the steaks, and I would be hard pressed to disagree with them.


So now that I gave you a quick rundown on a few types of steaks, less talk about seasoning and cooking methods. Now a lot of traditionalist will tell you that all a good steak needs is salt and pepper and to be honest you could get away with that. Now myself on the other hand, I like to amp the flavor up a little. The first thing you wanna do is season your steaks with a nice blend of spices, me I always use Zo’s Magic Stuff or at least a variant of it depending on what flavor I am going for exactly. Then if you have time you are going to want to let that marinate in the fridge for a few hours. A key trick to remember is that you have to allow  enough time for the meat to properly marinate and be taken back out of the fridge and come to room temperature. All meat cooks better at room temperature.

Cooking Methods

If its the summer time, then by all means throw that baby on the grill and let it go. If its into the colder part of the season, don’t let that discourage you from cooking steaks. My favorite method of preparing steaks besides grilling is pan searing. Pan searing is when you brown the steaks over high heat to lock in the flavor before finishing it in the oven.

To do this grab your steak that you have marinated and let come back to room temperature and sprinkle it with a little olive oil. This will help keep it from sticking. Next you wanna get you preferably a cast iron pan, but any will do. (It just helps if the pan is oven safe (i.e. cast iron, stainless steel) then that way you don’t have to transfer it from the pan into another that is). Once your oil is almost smoking  carefully lay the steaks down in the pan, touching them to make sure the steak is making full contact with the bottom of the pan. I usually do about 3-5 minutes a side depending on the size and cut of steak I am using. After you have gotten a nice sear pop that baby into the oven at about 350 to 375 for about 25 minutes for medium to medium well. If you like your steaks a little less done or a little more done, simply decrease or increase the cooking time as desired. Well that’s it folks the scoop on steaks, and how to prepare a good one. Enjoy!!

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