Restaurant Review: Dixie Bones (BBQ and Southern Cooking), WoodBridge, VA

I had heard great things about Dixie Bones and had been wanting to try them for a while. They are not to far from my home in Alexandria, so with my new GPS in tow I went. When we got there it was about 15 minutes before they opened so we sat in the car and waited. As we sat there we saw them unloading tons of food that would be prepared for the day. You could already smell the sweet scent of BBQ in the pit. Yes, I said BBQ and in Northern Virginia too. Who knew??


A Typical Plate At Dixie Bones

So when 11 am came, we jumped up and headed for the entrance. When you walk into Dixie Bone, you feel like you are kind of in a throwback, the kind of place that you just don’t see around much these days. We were greeted right away and shown to our table, and at this point we were the only people there. Now I know what they say about eating in a restaurant that no one is in but trust here it doesn’t apply. As we looked around at the staff you notice how many of them there are and the fact that they are all wearing tennis shoes, which means they do a lot of running around. And this is the only geeky, techhie thing I will say in this whole review but let me tell you as a computer guy I love the way they leverage technology there and you wouldn’t expect to see it in a place like that. When you order your waitresses punches it into this neat little handheld gizmo that shoots the order back to kitchen so they can get cracking, all this done right there at your table as you order. When you leave, simply hand them your check card and they can swipe it and print you a receipt right there at your table, now that’s cool. None of that taking your card and running back to some register, sweet. So you are saying by now Zo what about the food?

Well the food is awesome. I ordered the 3 meat combo with beef brisket, chicken, and freshly made sausage with a side of collard greens and macaroni and a piece of cornbread with some sweet tea. All I can say is delicious. The brisket was moist and flavorful, a great sweet hickory kind of thing going. The chicken was juicy, and perfectly cooked. The sausage was great and not at all what I expected. The flavors in that thing are awesome, a great change up. The mac and cheese was excellent and the collard greens, well less just say this Georgia boy felt right at home. I haven’t enjoyed a meal out that much in a long time and I go out a lot. If you live in the N. Virginia, DC, MD area I suggest you get to Dixie Bones soon. If you are from the south you will be right at home and if you are not you will be hooked after the first bite.

Dixie Bones was great all around, the food was delicious, the service was excellent and I am talking excellent. Our waitress was right on point, helpful, funny, and effective. It was glad to see a place where the art of customer service is not lost even when they do the kind of volume that Dixie Bones does, and they do a lot of volume so I suggest you get there early or order takeout, either way you wont be disappointed. When you go ask for March and tell her Zo sent you, she was our waitress and she is great, so great we tipped her $13 bucks on a $40 meal. She’s good. If you can get to Dixie Bones and you are still reading this, what are you waiting for get yourself to Dixie Bones for some great food and service, trust me you will be glad you did.

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