Chef Robert Irvine A Fraud, Say It Ain’t So?

By now most of you know that Food Network is planning to fire Chef Robert Irvine, host of “Dinner Impossible”, a show where he is put into crazy challenges where he has to cook in unique conditions in a very limited amount of time for how much food is usually required. The basis of his dismissal is his alleged embellishments on his resume in reference to his involvement in the design of the late Prince Diana’s wedding cake and some of his educational and professional accomplishments. While I don’t condone anyone lying in order to get a job I see how he would. In the end and especially in television someone always finds out as it did here. I say all this to say that I don’t think this makes Irvine a bad guy though, he did what he thought was necessary to get the job and as a relatively unknown British chef auditioning for an American show I could see why. While a lot of the details about this remain cloudy here are a few things I do know.

robert-irvineChef Irvine is a great cook. I don’t believe that there are many other chefs out there that could do what he does on a consistent basis. To work under that kind of stress and to still produce high quality food is just amazing. I am an excellent cook and when I am watch him I am in awe that he manages to pull it off a lot of the time. The thing I think people take for granted is that he is not cooking in a conventional kitchen a lot of times, he doesn’t have trained staff (except his two sous chefs sometimes) and yet still manages to prepare what at least from the comments of the folks is great tasting food. Cooking food in bulk is a different game all together, its one thing to season a dish for 5 to 10 people properly but for 100, or for 1000 well that’s a skill at least to me.

I hear that Food Network is looking for a replacement host, BAD IDEA. It seems that they think the model for the show is a good one and it is not so much based on the host. That’s not true, I watch Food Network religiously and Irvine is the real deal. That’s like saying Good Eats would be the same without Alton Brown or Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives would be the same without Guy Fieri. Irvine has enough personality and is different enough that he can not be easily replaced. I for one love the show, I think it’s intelligent, interesting, and about the most unique thing Food Network has done in a long time. If they try to replace him that show is going to well… you know where. So the way I see it they have two options.

The first choice is they can fire Robert and cancel the show, which I think would be a complete waste and a bad idea. Their second choice is to have him make a public apology to the viewers and to everyone, maybe suspend him for a few months or make him shoot a season for half the salary or something and then let it go. He has to be held responsible but everyone deserves a second chance and to me he is just to good of a talent to let go, both television and cooking wise. Whatever that thing is that folks have he has it. I know a great talent when I see one, and no matter what you watch him on you want to watch him. If they don’t figure out a way to keep him around, hiring a new host will kill that show and I don’t think I would watch it anymore.

When I rank the shows on Food Network as far as what I like to watch this is my top five.

  1. Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives –Guy Fieri
  2. Dinner Impossible- Robert Irvine
  3. Guy’s Big Bite- Guy Fieri
  4. Good Eats- Alton Brown
  5. 30 Minute Meals- Rachel Ray


  1. hank says:

    always a great show it cannot be better without the chef

  2. hank says:

    another comment: i do not watch the food network but i do watch the dinner impossible show. why do you want to turn people away?

  3. thatruth2006 says:

    If you read my post, its positive I like Irvine and the point of the post was to say that they should keep him, but if they won’t then they should cancel the show because anyone else wouldn’t be able to fill his shoes. You may have misinterpreted.

  4. The Friar says:

    Wife and I are big fans of this show . . . replacing him would be as bad as trying to replace Alton Brown (another favorite). Yes there should be reparations IF he misrepresented on his resume . . . but that doesn’t mean you fire the person especially if they’ve obviously shown they can do the job AND developed the following he has!

  5. The Friar says:

    Wife and I are big fans of this show . . . replacing him would be as bad as trying to replace Alton Brown (another favorite). Yes there should be reparations IF he misrepresented on his resume . . . but that doesn’t mean you fire the person especially if they’ve obviously shown they can do the job AND developed the following he has!

  6. medeanj says:

    I do not have cable and the few times while visiting relatives I did see the show I loved it. I never really paid attention to the ‘resume’ (and cared less about it anyway) and just went with his own merits, which is what he should have done in the first place…Agreed, bad idea to sack him. Make a public apology, maybe some serious charity work and get on with it. At least he did not commit a crime like Martha Stewart (whom I detest, but that is another story). She was somewhat diminished upon her return to the spotlight, but she remained. Same can hold true for Irvine.

  7. Food Network Fan says:

    It seems that nowadays there are no consequences for one’s actions. If a person lies to get a job, yes, he/she should be fired. He was more then capable of doing the show and I don’t think the man HAD to lie to get it. It is not as if The Food Network doesn’t have other “tests” that they put their stars though before putting them on the air. (See last season’s Next Food Network Star, whose last season had the WORST contestants – one of which lied on his application.) What amazes me most is that these people think they can get away with lying and that no one will figure it out. Shame on Food Network for not doing their homework BEFORE putting these people on the air!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I love the show and Chef Robert is great but the last Fan has a good point. I agree that the show would be lacking without him and that he has done outstanding work, but I am half way through his book and some of these untruths are actually written in there….
    How sad that Chef Irvine should fall from Grace 🙁

  9. Scott Macom says:

    Robert is a very close friend of mine. Be careful not to believe too much of the Florida socialite hoopla. They love today to knock down stars who just last night they were bragging to have had dinner with. If everyone in the world were to be fired for having embellished their resume … you get the point. His chef professionalism has never been in question and that is the thing that must control here.

  10. Bobbi Mann says:

    Chef Robert Irvine make the show. He is a great Chef and without him being the “star” of the show the show will suffer. He is the personality of the show, he is a proven and an accomplished Chef. I just love watching “his show” and how he does what he does.

    There is nothing wrong with embellishing your resume and the Food Network should have found any inaccuracies way before this.
    They should consider this a Wash and go on from here.

    Dinner Impossible will suffer without Robert as the Star of the show.

  11. George Rios says:

    I agree 100% — Everyone lies a bit here and there on their resume. Robert is great for the show and it would not be the same without him. He should be forced to issue some sort of apology on the show and move on. I’m not actually using any of those recipes anyway, who the hell feeds 1000 construction workers or 300 chocolate experts anyway? The show is just fun, leave it alone.

  12. Pam says:

    What would this show be without “THE CHEF”..he is the reason we all watch this show!!There are precious few good shows on now days..and he is on the top of the BEST SHOWS for me and our family..he’s funny and keeps your interest going through-out the show…I would never have made it through the long nights after chemo treatments if not for DVR player is set to record every time the show is played.doesn’t matter to me if it’s a rerun or not!! he can’t be replaced..he’s a one of a kind and we will not stand by and let him go!!! We need to get a write in going like the fans of “JERICO” did..and load the network with letters and e-mails to keep him!! WE ALL LOVE YOU ROBERT!!!

  13. Roxanne says:

    First, I want to say, I am a loyal fan. Dinner Impossible is my FAVORITE show. Robert Irvine is an absolutely amazing chef. The charisma he brings forth each week while preparing elaborate gourmet dinners out of thin air is so incredible to watch. I was heartbroken to hear that they might cancel his show (or worse) replace him. Chef Irvine is irreplaceable!
    I must say that I tend to believe the comments made above by Scott. I’ve read about alot of hoopla going down in Florida regarding Robert’s restaurant. Sounds like there’s so much negative hype being spread around those parts(by the way why is Florida always the center of controversary?)
    Hey Pam, I’m 100% with you. True supporters need to UNITE. Tell Food Network ITS THE MAN WE LOVE!!! NOT JUST THE SHOW

  14. Julie says:

    I think Mr. Irvine’s transgressions about his resume could put a humerous and new spin on “Dinner: Impossible.” He should NOT be fired, but should be reprimmanded, possibly suspended for a brief period and then brought back. I think Food Network viewers would all agree that this show has a uniqueness spine on what must be a constant emotional roller coaster in the life of a cook, chef, foodie – whatever you want to call this amazing kind of individual

    Don’t fire Irvine, please!

  15. Wayne says:

    Don’t fire Robert Irvine!!!!!!!! A sincere apology to the Food Network and to everyone he misrepresented and to his many, many fans should be first and foremost. Yes he messed up but he has too much talent and ability for it to be wasted. I for one never watched the Food Network until my wife and I discovered “Dinner:impossible”. Besides being a superb chef he makes quick decisions, improvises and overcomes his challenges. And he is knowledgeable.

    We request you reconsider your decision. Keep Robert Irvine on Dinner: Impossible.
    Thank you from two faithful fans.

  16. Laura says:

    I love Robert. I want him to stay on Food Network. He lied, yes. He apologized.
    I forgive you, Chef. I will always watch any show that you do. I respect the fact that you don’t insult people working with you like a certain chef on a certain other show. I watched five minutes of that chef’s opening show this year, and turned it off.
    I also request that Robert be kept on, after community service. Keep cooking, man, I love your recipies!

  17. Mur says:

    I don’t care if he told someone he made a dinner for a King or not ..who cares! ..Chef Robert Irvine is entertaining and the show should resume. Its entertainment.


  18. Violet Neff-Helms says:

    Keep Irvine, he makes the show.

  19. Shaye says:

    Do not lose Robert Irvine. He is the show. Without him, forget it. Don’t make stupid TV programing mistakes.

  20. ed Inde says:

    I also say ‘Keep Robert’.
    Great show with him, far less of a show without him.

  21. It’s very sad that an excellent chef and show-man be fired for just lying. Whoever has never lied in The Food Network’s administrative staff, workers or chefs (artists) may please pick up the pebble or stone and do what Jesus requested. I’m quite sure no one will bend to pick up the pebble/stone. As we are all sinners, I believe that The Food Network should be an example and give Robert Irvine a second chance, remembering that repentance and forgiveness are principles needed for survival in this world.

  22. Lorna J Hallam says:

    I guess Robert Irvine is the only person that embellished on a resume,at least he isn’t betting on the outcome of his show. I love Dinner Impossible so much I watch the same show over and over. If he is fired, I will certainly not watch Dinner Impossible with a new host. I may not even watch the Food Network, even though I would miss Alton Brown, Paula Deen, Guy Fieri, etc. Please give him another chance and all of fans more Robert Irvine.

  23. deer says:

    deer says : I absolutely agree with this !

  24. patrick says:

    I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. While I don’t agree with Robert lying/exaggerating on his resume…He is now paying the price. His reputation has been damaged, his credibility turned upside down and being fired from his show, is punishment enough. If the Food Network channel hires someone else,for Dinner;Impossible, it will be a dissaster…Robert Irvine is that show…I feel that Robert should be given a second chance. Have him appologize, and let it go…after all, we gave Martha Stewart a second chance, and look at her now.

  25. I love Chef Irine’s show. To watch him do so much with so little in a short amount of time is astonishing and entertaining. I do not watch this show for his credentials, but for his personality and feats.

    Don’t fire him! An apology on air and resume corrections are enough.

  26. kabbie says:

    The Food TV Executives think that anything they decide will work so they have replaced Chef with Michael Symon who I couldn’t stand to watch on Iron Chef AND they are giving him a 1 hour show. Food TV Execs obviously don’t really care what the viewers opinion is. I handwrote letters to Bob Tuschman & Susie Fogelson HANDWRITTEN LETTER mind you – I never even got so mucg as a form letter reply. I think maybe the sponsors might listen though. So I am intend to watch the first show to see who those sponsors are and then write them to tell them 1. I am not watching the show and 2. I won’t be buying their product. I hope others do the same.
    I totally agree that Chef erred in padding his resume’ – too bad because his talent and his credentials can stand alone.Food TV should have filmed a Chefography for Irvine with just the facts and cleared the air. I hope someone out there is smart enough to hire Chef. I met him in person and he was truly a delight, and very unpretentious! I would watch any show he is on.

  27. distressed in SC says:

    I just watched the ‘sneek peak’ of the new season of Dinner: Impossible with “new host!” Chef Symon. I cannot state strongly enough: Bad move Food Network! Chef Symon cannmot hold his own in this role. He’s much better suited to selection comittee member on The Next Food Network Star. I thought he (and the show) clicked when he sat in for Bobby Flay for one episode this season. Bring back Robert Irvine!

  28. Brutally disappointed says:

    I am a big fan of the show Dinner:Impossible and I do not think anyone can replace Chef Irvine. I also saw the sneak peek of the new season with Chef Simon and it sucked. I think the food network committed food suicide by replacing Chef Irvine. The best thing to do would be to cancel the show altogether because no one can replace the original.

  29. ANTHONY says:

    He is the show, he may of lied but so did the President of the USA>

  30. Aaron E says:

    Why would they let Martha Stewart on recently (a convicted felon) and then fire Robert Irvine? What a joke!! Food Network is going down!!

  31. MB Rogers says:

    To anyone who wants Robert Irvine back let’s start a campaign to Food Network saying we won’t watch the show if Chef Irvine is not the host!

    Dear Food Network,

    I did watch Michael Symon as host of Dinner Impossible and must say he is “no Robert Irvine”. Yes, Chef Irvine might have made a foolish call in misrepresenting himself but he more than proved he was the REAL DEAL. It was because of his personality, in addition to his culinary skills, that viewers from 13 to 75 enjoyed watching him (and I have done the polls!). Michael Symon should stay with Iron Chef and you should seriously consider bringing Robert back – I suppose only time, and declining ratings will tell!

    Everyone deserves a second chance!

  32. FNGuy says:

    The only comment I have…. You ranked your top 5 food network shows, and you left out Iron Chef. Which baffles me because you said the thing you are amazed about is the fact that he cooks quickly under stress. Thats whats IC is. Also, Rachel Ray is a trainwreck. It seems to me she learned to cook from the back of Hamburger Helper and Betty Crocker boxes.

  33. thatruth2006 says:


    The reason I didn’t put Iron Chef is because its more of a staple than the rest. The cooks are always changing and so are the ingredients which really makes it interesting to watch, although if the secret ingredient isn’t something I would eat I don’t usually watch.

    The show I listed are pretty much my fav shows because of the people who host them and the format. I really felt like Iron Chef was a different style of show than the others on the list.

  34. Shirley says:

    Please bring Robert back, he deserves a second chance. He makes the dinner impossible show.

  35. Kathy Merrill says:

    such a drastic reaction (firing Irvine) for such a minor thing…..I DO like Michael Symon though!! (I’m from Cleveland!!)

  36. It’s too bad Irvine felt he had to misrepresent his credentials — he really didn’t need to. He’s an excellent chef and a very watchable television personality.

    I vote for a public apology, a brief suspension, then back to those Dinner Impossible missions!

    Symon’s doing a good job as a replacement though. He has such a different style and personality that it seems like a different show.

    They could give Symon’s show a different name and slightly different premise and I’d gladly watch both shows.

  37. Robert must be the only chef to do Dinner Impossible, because he is Dinner Impossible! So all of you out there that are being negative to Robert, Stuff it where the Chef will always shine! Sincerely Barbara Howard

  38. Eric Irvine says:

    You can not be a fraud in cooking it would show up something would suck and it would be you.

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