What’s Wrong With The New AVG Anti-Virus?? (Will The Real AVG Please Stand Up)

avglogoI have been a loyal user of Grisoft’s AVG anti-virus software for almost 5 years now and I am sad to say this is the first time I have been truly disappointed in it. As an IT specialist and go-to computer fixer for all my friends, I have either recommended or installed AVG hundreds of times. If anyone asked me I would tell them that it was the best available freeware. I used to tell them with AVG as the core you could build quite a formidable security scheme around your computer… I USED to tell them. I just recently upgraded to the new 8.0.1 version because it informed me that come the end of the month, the old version would no longer be supported. I had tried to avoid this as soon as long as possible because I had installed it on my test machine and noticed some strange things.

Now I am only speaking from my personal experience with the product, but both of the machines that I have installed it on have started to behave oddly. I can attribute this to nothing other than the installation of AVG. Both computers have become sluggish and slow to start and shutdown. The have both had issues with the Internet connection just randomly dropping and making my Firefox browser extremely unstable.


What is even more disturbing is what seems to be a clear attempt to make it harder to get to the free version of its acclaimed software through their website while attempting to point you to one of the products you have to pay for. The great thing about AVG used to be that is was easy to use, light on system resources, and for a free product extremely effective, at least it used to be. As I looked at www.download.com and saw the rating they gave it I can’t imagine how they gave it that score because to me it does not nearly deserve it. The new AVG is darn near spyware and just a very disappointing release. I know it must suck to have the world’s most used freeware thus not making any money off it but if you all of the sudden decided that was an issue then they should have just not even released this product which isn’t even fit to be called AVG, I don’t know what it is.

I don’t know what’s going but Grisoft better fix it quick or and man I can’t believe I am saying this but I am going to have to download Avast, I know that it is just as comparable as far as quality and the only reason I have not used it before because of my love for AVG, but if they don’t get it together and I mean fast I will have to try other alternatives. Grisoft better get it together, but what I want to know is am I the only person who thinks the new AVG is a piece of crap?


  1. Psuedo Banksy says:

    Well, it was a pain to install the free version on my girlfriend’s computer. First of all, trying to find the actual free vision is almost impossible to navigate to on there website. Second, having to uninstall the old to reinstall the new is confusing and cumbersome. This of course confused a lot of people I’ve talked to. Most thought that AVG 8 installed without a problem but little did they know it didn’t install at all. Third, strange things have been happening with her PC as well.

    All I want to know is, why would we upgrade if nothing is broken. Oh, wait, its because they are making us. šŸ™

  2. Brian Bialik says:

    Since installing AVG 8, my Vista PC takes about 5 minutes to boot. I hate the web search scan which seemed to block everything. Things in general ran weird after the install. I’ve trusted AVG for so many years that I was blind to what was causing the trouble. I was thinking a hard drive was on the blink. Avast is now on that PC.

  3. NOSHIP says:

    Yup, my Acer Vista OS puter was doing fine til I got the new AVG…I was as you, 100% loyal AVG for me and friends….I have to get something else….am on limited income so that sucks šŸ™

  4. Julio says:

    I agree. I have been searching trying to find as much info on this and I ran across your blog. I am more pissed at how they have railroaded all the 7.5 free users with the pop ups about the upgrades stopping on May 31st. Most people have said that was just a marketing ploy to get people to go to 8. Support for 7.5 free won’t stop until Dec 31 2008. Then I got ANOTHER pop up from 7.5 saying that upgrades will stop after June 25th. They are wrong for this and have lost my recommendation. I know at least a hundred (I teach college) people that USED to love AVG but now will not touch it with a 10 foot pole. And yes 8.0 is baaaaaad…

  5. NOSHIP says:

    I hear you Julio, 10 years ago puters and the net was fun….lately I am so disolusioned about any and all. We are held hostage by the M$ corporation. They are a terrorist organization bottom line. They know Vista is caca, the planet knows….OMG, my old Compaq notebook with XP worked just fine…..but noooooooo I must get a new one to be cool! LOL LOL

    AVG was the best/free anti-v I ever used….

  6. Raphael says:


  7. VERY VERY ANGRY!!! says:

    Totally Agree – AVG 8 is total crap. I too have used AVG free version for year and been very happy but with AVG 8 OMG!! My Mother actually paid these losers for a copy, so so so sad. I am trying to repair her computer and I cannot even get it to connect to the my local network because of AVG8 ‘firewall’ or should I say “crapwall”. Looks like AVG are going the way of Nortons. They make your PC virus proof by ensuring it doesn’t work

  8. mike says:

    avg 7.0 just went nuts, telling me i have and internet attack and offering me links to download software to fix the problem. it further disabled my task manager and internet, except to go to their site. i uninstalled the whole thing but can’t get rid of this behavior. can anyone help

  9. superdoc55 says:

    I also paid for a 3-Pack license of AVG Ver 8.0 and my computer has been slow as molasses. I guess I will just have to bite the bullet and un-install AVG and consider it lost money since I don’t want my computer to continue to act funny.

  10. Tim Gingell says:

    Yes, this is the pits! Wouldn’t install on girlfriend’s laptop despite several visits to forums with solutions that didn’t work. AVG asked me to check the FAQs, which had nothing about it. Eventually I put Avast on her laptop, which seems fine now (apart from Avast and Zone Alarm not cohabiting sweetly). My 2nd computer is slow now to boot up, and now Word crashes every time, which I assume is down to the virus scan embedded in. So now I am going to uninstall it (if I can, it’s so unstable) as everything was fine previous to this installation. Again, I was a big fan of AVG. Not anymore. Avast there me hearties!

  11. Stimey says:

    I have had the same issues with AVG. My employer even uses it on his server!! My boyfriend isn’t as knowlegeable as I on computers and he just DOES NOT BELIEVE any of the isssues with his laptop are attributed to AVG. He somehow clicked on a link to upgrade to AVG 9.0 and then we really started having problems. apparently it is a trojan virus and the real AVG keeps popping up warnings for it. nevertheless, i don’t think nor do i expect avg to continue providing QUALITY freeware. you know the old saying YOU CAN’T GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING!

  12. CJ says:

    I was an AVG diehard fan. Tried Avast. Went Back to AVG and then the 8.0 upgrade (Free)

    Everything started slooooowing down on an old lap top and the new one.

    The AVG Email scanner would turn on on then off.

    Updates more cumbersome

    I recovered both laptops and now use

    NOD 32 and Spy Sweeper

    Currently they are the best and easy to use and effective according to real tests

    Damn AVG what the hell were you thinking!

    Now you got me paying for AV ware!

    Oh well guess the honeymoon is over šŸ™‚

    Still use Spybot Search & Destroy which is free because it covers other browsers I like

    Nothing gets past that Spysweeper which I get free with MSN Premium

    I’m actually doing the 30 day free Trial with NOD 32 but the program is light and it works easy and has Excellent Track Record so far if you dig deep in Real Reviews and tests.

    Hurry Back AVG! Before my Trial runs out….

    Because if you make me buy a year of NOD we are through Baby!

    Hasta La Vista

  13. 'not the only one' says:

    so glad to see i am not the only one thinking i and my pc was ‘crazy’. i have an old pc and no i am not very good at working it but i do know that since being ‘made’ to download from 7.5 avg to 8.0 i have had nothing but problems : my update manager is constantly out of date then it will fix then go back to out of date, my scanning is taking almost 8 hours, comes up with no infections and the like but however tells me i have 482 warnings, when i try delete these it tells me ‘failed, trying to do this bla bla bla so on ‘ may crash your pc. i also get a message often on screen saying ‘ windows memory too low, we are making more memory space’, can anyone make a suggestion pleaseeee, šŸ™‚

  14. thatruth2006 says:

    Uninstall AVG, and download Avast! from http://www.download.com, it is just as capable and free and is what I am now using and recommending that others use.

  15. Phik says:

    I downloaded a free version of AVG that had an s in the middle of the logo. Does anybody know which version this was or is? I can’t find it. It had the ability to scan your registry.

  16. thatruth2006 says:

    You are talking about AVG Anti-Spyware. As far as I know they haven’t messed the one up yet, its pretty good as I remember but I use Ad-Aware for that.

  17. Bodeen says:

    I’m sick and tired of the inability to adjust my settings to manual for the update and scan features without having the program show that it’s always in a faulty state. Are there any other good AV progs out there that give the user complete control without telling them their personal settings have put the program in a faulty condition?
    I don’t need all this AUTO crap happening and slowing my PC to a crawl everytime I have to reboot. AVG 7 was the best and I wish they’d just give us our freedom of choice back.
    As soon as find another program that gives me the power to control it’s behavior, I’m ditching this piece of crap.

  18. karthee says:

    yes i agree with u, the 8 version is very very unstable, i have installed 4 times on my laptop and still not getting it right

  19. James Lumsden-Keys says:

    I have a toshiba satellite laptop and have (touch wood) not had the AVG 8 problems……BUT….my other pc’s have nothing but problem after problem.
    I have uninstalled 3 – 4 times on each machine and I’m really over it all..Installing something else.
    Also disabled Microsoft updates and uninstalled updates – KB 925902 & KB928843 as they seem to conflict with AVG 8. I also go by the slogan – “If ain’t broke …don’t fix it!”
    Good luck everyone

  20. thatruth2006 says:

    I also now endorse Avira, which is free and can be downloaded from http://www.download.com

  21. lara says:

    Yup problems problems with Firefox just randomly shutting down – I had thought it was maybe as I just installed windows service pack 2 but having found this post reckon it must be the new free AVG 8.0.1. Also totally disappointed with AVG as had always really liked it – simple, light, easy to use. Will check out Avira or Avast. Which do people think is better?

  22. lara says:

    Oh p.s
    just thinking also I only just got a message from AVG saying I needed to upgrade, my boyfriend hasn’t yet, and someone above says they got the message June 2008. Isn’t it a bit weird they’re sending out messages at different times? What’s that all about? Some weird marketing ploy?

  23. x_e_n_ says:

    here i thought i was the only one. i had even thought i had gotten that worm everyone was talking about.

    fuck this new version… i CAN’T even update it. IT WON’T LET ME. so, as of NOW this peice of shit is being deleted.

  24. Don Macumber says:

    I have tried to get AVG 7.5 out of my computer but I cannot nstall8.0 nor can I get the repeated screen prompts off my screen. Anybody ..can you advise me how t0 get 7.5 out of my comp. ?

  25. RH says:

    Well, Im gad Im not the only one who hates the new AVG 8. I already removed it .My buddy installed it and had internet conn problems among other wierd problems which still seem to exsist after uninstall. Before AVG destroyed a perfectly good antivirus system for years , I always told my friends to install it ..and everyone seem to really like it.I never had any problems with it. Well Im glad we can vent our feelings in here because I think the new AVG 8+ is a pile of diarrea dog shit with tapeworms!!!! People think you shouldnt complain about something for free???? Well…they should be paying me to install that hunk of shit on anyones computer…and that aint going to happen..NOWAY!! I guess Ill be looking for a new antivirus , looks like ill start with Avast see how that worksout.Thanks for this great blog…ahhh I feel better already.

  26. RH says:

    PS: Im liken the Avast ..seems tobe responding quick enough and not a big ol bothersome sqare block with 4 colors on it..Keep you updated on any new events…

  27. DH says:

    It would be better it you could disable most of the stuff, and just have the anti-virus enabled. I hate that flashing ID icon too! – Idiotic idea.
    AVG was great because it had a simple interface, and didn’t demonstrate it was working, and was basically easy to work with. But not now.
    This thing always happens, a bunch of execs sit in a meeting and conclude they want the “best all rounder anti-virus ever! – with millions of features!”…
    What do you get? BLOATWARE!

  28. DNand says:

    I also own a Toshiba Satelite like one of the commenters above. But in my case AVG fried my it.

    Basically it cleaned up a virus, asked me to restart which caused the laptop to enter in a perpetual boot state. I get the Toshiba screen and it reboots. If I hit F8 and select any mode (including safe mode) it results in an instant reboot. No working DVD drive or USB boot options = Killed Laptop.. Thank you very much AVG.. So much for FREE edition.

    Read the whole ordeal here

  29. nicole says:

    Thank u for posting this!
    Its been awhile since I’ve had my own computer and I forgot the REAL website to get AVG. I googled it and found this instead. I’ll not be looking for the download. Thanks!

  30. yes avg has gone the way of the big sellout. not to commercialism alone but to becoming the very virus we are trying to keep off our computers. it was my number one all time pick for virus protection not forcing you to use Microsoft’s evil service packs!!!!! but now forces you to use Microsoft’s evil spy crap that junks up your install with more bolted unusable crap and that makes your pc crawl for no usable reason

    i relied on avg for years for fast perfect virus protection now the search is on once more to find a unbolted virus protection that wont force feed me what i defiantly don’t want and didn’t ask fore. . thanks avg thanks for nothing , well you was once good and i have gotten many of my customers to buy you in the past but now that you have be-trade me and lowered yourself, well , so sad but good bye i will be finding something else to replace you with even if i have to write it myself.

  31. its simple avg!!!
    scan for viruses,
    do it well ,
    do it independently of Microsoft crap,
    do it without nagging,
    basic auto scanning so simple.
    that’s what we want and you have dun it so well in the past that we had our friends and business associates buy you. we are IT ,WE TELL THE CONSUMER WHAT TO PURCHASE!!!!
    we built your reinterpretation and pushed your sales.

    i know its hard to rain in your programmers but if you don’t they will program you out of business. bigger inset always better. look at the SUV

  32. Dan Wade says:

    I had been trying to sort out some issues with my old PC which I assumed was due to its age and running out of disk space. It was only when I it kept getting worse when I updated things that I realised it was due to AVG. My PC was getting very sluggish and shutting programs down. Lately it has been scanning for about 15 hours as I set it to run at 11.30pm but now have to halt it midday if I’m at home.
    I’ve gotten so sick of it that I bought an iMac but still want to be able to use my PC for other tasks so am about to delete AVG and run AVAST.

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