Album Review: Trina, Is She Still Da Baddest B@#$!??

You damn skippy she is. Trina smashed back on to the scene earlier this year with her hot new album “Still Da Baddest B@$!”. From the start of the album, Trina is in rare form hitting you hard and early with “Killing You Hoes”, which is a track that tells all the chicks out there that are hating on her exactly what they can do. This one is definitely gone to the be the back up off me track of the summer for all the baddest chicks out there.


Then comes the first single off the album “I Got A Thang For Ya f/Keyshia Cole”. This track has been out for a while but can still be heard bumping in cars all over the country. The track combines Trina being Trina mixed with that beautiful voice of Ms. Cole to create a song that just says all those things that sometimes you wish you could say but can never find the words. I know you like is he talking about Trina, but yep I am. This song is very well written and is Trina opening up and being very vulnerable.


Lil Wayne And Trina

I had to admit I was a little worried that this would spend to much time dissing former boyfriend Lil Wayne, but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t. Don’t get me wrong she doesn’t let him off without saying her peace and she does. There is off course the banger “Single Again” which is the Diamond Princess proudly proclaiming that she is back on the market and hotter than ever. The only other song that she really seems to be talking about Weezy is on “I Wish I Never Met You”, a track with her strongly describing some situations that you can’t help thinking if she is talking about Wayne, but she never really says. Both tracks you can pretty easily tell that is talking about him but she does it in a way that shows that for how hard she acts she is a very classy lady.

Now you didn’t think she was going to let you go without a few classic bangers and she doesn’t. My favorite track of this type is “Clear It Out”, I can see this one bumping in clubs all summer long. We folks start hating on you, tell em to clear it out. For all you hardcore Trina fans you will have noticed that she has very much cleaned up her flows, hardly ever getting as raunchy as the classic flows from her first few albums that made her famous and infamous all at the same time. But that is not to say that she don’t bring it out a few times on this album and she does. Soon as “Look Back At Me f/Killer Mike” drops you know instantly that even though she doesn’t use it as often she still has that razor tongue that she is known for. The song is well, all I am going to say is listen to it. She ain’t playing. The other track that she kind of takes it there on is “Phone Sexx”, where she basically describes how she has some fun by engaging in some very racy phone conversations.

Trina is definitely back with a vengeance. I don’t know what happened with her and Lil Wayne but she is definitely handling it with grace and class and something tells me that Weezy may be missing her sooner than she will be missing him. In any case, this is the hardest rap album I have heard from female artist in a long time and with it, it seems that the Diamond Princess may be ready to take here as the Queen of the rap game.

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