Album Review: Usher’s Here I Stand…But Does It, Stand Up I Mean?

The first thing I wanna say is that this album is not Confessions. Confessions was a classic and no artist makes a classic record every time out, as a matter of fact I don’t know any that make a classic back to back but with that being said, Here I Stand is classic Usher.

The thing people should have figured out about Usher is that most of the times his albums reflect whats going on in his life at the time. With My Way, it was him coming into his own and trying to become a man, with Confessions it was him going through a lot of turmoil and the ups and downs that come with being young, rich, and a sex symbol. Now with his new album, Here I Stand, you hear a much more grown up Usher dealing with all the things that come with being grown up, having kids, a wife, and major responsibility.

With that being said this album is NOT as good as Confessions but it is an excellent album. The first great song is a song called “Trading Places”, this is a hot track that has Usher and his lady switching roles where she is doing all the things that normally the man would do like picking him up and taking him to dinner. The song is just a real smooth. Before this you will have heard ” Love In This Club” and after “Moving Mountains”. The next track that I really like is “Something Special”, a song about the great connection that two people have. The song has a very sixties kind of sound to it, something very different and as soon as you hear it you are hooked.

A few tracks later you hear “Best Thing f/ Jay Z”, with him and Jigga basically talking about the best things or should I say people in their lives. This is the song they recorded while in the studio in Atlanta that is alluded to in this video on YouTube but you never hear the song. I mean Usher and Hov on a track man I aint even gotta say no more.

Now there is one very Confessions like track on the album that does make you think, hey maybe Usher will be making a Confessions 2 and its called “What’s A Man To Do”, on this track Usher basically asks the question of what happens when you fall in love with two people but you know that you have to make a choice but you just don’t know how. I am definitely sure that a lot of people will relate to that one, especially the fellas.

The album is rounded out with the “Love In This Club Remix f/Beyonce and Lil Weezy” and the title track “Here I Stand”. Compared to most everything that is out right now, Ush is killing them. I gotta give “Here I Stand” 4.0 out of 5 stars and that is just because after Confessions he has set the bar so high. In listening to this album you can see that Usher is finally coming into his own both personally and professionally and learning that there are consequences for your actions. Definitely go out and grab this joint.

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