Lil Wayne Dies from Syrup, It’s Not True…But It Could Be

Note: As of the writing of this article, nothing has happened to Lil Wayne, this post is more to discuss the potential consequences of the current lifestyle he chooses to lead.

First off I want to say I am a huge Weezy fan. Secondly, I know that Wayne isn’t the only rapper out there that is addicted to syrup, but he is the most well known. I battled with myself for a while as to whether or not I should post the recipe for “syrup”, but the fact that I simply did a quick Google search of “rapper syrup recipe” and found it, I decided if someone wants to find the recipe they could. The recipe for syrup is different depending on where you are but the basics are:

Promethazine w/Codeine syrup
Any fruit flavored soda
A jolly rancher


For the record I don’t condone this stuff, and it WILL kill you.

For the life of me I can not see why the people around him aren’t doing more to help him get off this stuff. I mean smoking a lot of weed is bad and it has side effects but I don’t know when the last time I heard of someone dying from smoking too much weed. While I don’t condone any kind of drug use, I would rather he be smoking too much than drinking this stuff. I mean Weezy says that he is the “greatest rapper alive” and save for the part of me that loves T.I. I tend to agree with him, the question is how long will he be alive if he continues to abuse this stuff. I mean once you are on it they say it is hard to get off but I mean it killed DJ Screw and Pimp C and both of those were tragedies. I don’t want to see the same thing happen to Lil Wayne.

Think about this Lil Wayne is 25, around the same age that B.I.G. and Pac were when they passed. Pac and B.I.G. were both lost to violence and Weezy’s condition is self induced but in the end its all senseless. I mean if he stays focused Lil Wayne could go down as the greatest rapper to ever live and that is big praise from a die hard Tupac fan. In the end as a young black man around the same age as Wayne is now and Pac and B.I.G. were at the time, I am just tired of seeing other young black men die for no reason.

Now he is a grown man and he will make his own decisions but somebody has got to talk to him. I don’t understand why Bryan “Baby” Williams isn’t doing more to get Wayne help. I mean let’s be honest the only reason that Cash Money is still even relevant is because of Weezy and if something happened to him they would be done. Baby is a lot of things but first and foremost he is a hustler and a businessman and letting your star attraction destroy himself is just bad business. I mean I can’t even begin to fathom the kind of pressure that it takes to be him, to live up to it all but he doesn’t need syrup to do it.

With lines like, “They say you ain’t great/till someone assassinate/and they got me feeling like MLK”, I doubt he is afraid of dying but I don’t think he knows how much he may be speeding it up. They say that there is a fine line between genius and insanity and that has never been more apparent than in the lives of our music stars. From Jimi Hendrix to Kurt Cobain to Tupac to Kanye to Weezy, all brilliant minds but the same brilliance that makes them great is the same thing that pushes them to live so close to the edge.

While unfortunately it is already to late for DJ Screw and Pimp C, its NOT to late for Wayne. I just really don’t want to wake up one morning and that headline has become true because it is easily preventable. I am sure people have told him this and maybe he hasn’t listened but maybe he will listen to his fans, so if you feel the same way I do then join me in asking Weezy to put the syrup down cause he doesn’t need it. In my opinion, its much better to be a living legend, than a dead one. Get my drift. I know you don’t want people judging you and I ain’t but we need you around folk.

P.S. As I send this out into the blogosphere it is with a prayer of hope that something or someone touches his heart and gets him off this stuff. If nothing else, you got a daughter that is just starting to become a young women and she is going to look to you to define what a man is in her eyes, and her life story is the greatest verse you will ever spit.  I know that Weezy will never see this but I just want to say to him from one young black man to another, you are stronger than any drug and you don’t need that stuff to be great cause you already was. Just cause you wanna live like a rockstar….doesn’t mean you have to die like one too. May God watch over you.

Lil Wayne talks about his syrup addiction in his own words:


  1. Adion says:

    I could not have put this together any better myself. There should be an urgency from the Black community to pray for him and not only his diehard fans to kick this deadly habit.

  2. Brahyan pretel says:

    dam I hate 2 c my fav rapper dyin ova syrup come Wayne is true wat he say u can gt out of it if u pt yo mind into it, idk how we’ll respond went we c da r best rapper alive die. Like u say NO HOMO bt if I find out u die I’ll b sad cuz 2 no da ma fav rapper ain’t gon com out wit no mo music cuz he die ova dranken syrup dawg Wayne if u gt 2 c diz thank about wat u doin 1

  3. is it true lil wayne is died

  4. is it true lil wayne is died hope to hear from wezzy him self

  5. albertyeboah says:

    hello, am albert from ghana . how are you all ?
    am so sad when i hear that the great hippop artist has died this make fell so sad and i even that want to eat. so i really want to know that it true or not.

  6. philip says:

    pls i would like to know more about lil wayne,s condition

  7. yussif sadat mohammed says:

    M y only words to my young legend is to put himself together and stop all this bullshit cos he has a brighter life ahead.
    I really like him

  8. kerree says:

    hey this kerree i just want to know how you can die from syrup i just wabted to know cuase i am stupit

  9. kerree says:

    yea i want to know more about his condtion he is so sexy i would even like to meet him

  10. Blinkey says:

    Dam how can that hapend to Weezy, i crose my fingers northing will happend to him coz he is always da best rapper alive.

  11. Mr. illicit says:

    what you sayin is true… although the only way i came upon this article was the fact that i myself was searchin for da purple sprite ingredients due to the fact that im such a big weezy fan…. but the shits dangerous…… dont need to let miss. carter grieve…. talkin bout cita

  12. joanna says:

    i love you!

  13. Sipping on that stuff is for idiots only!!!

  14. justin says:

    ,, Much respect i agree 100% ima white fan but id cry if wezzy died he is tha B-R-A. abd has a big impact on many lives including mine.

  15. DAMI says:

    I am an atist from nigeria trying to know what going on with my best man in usa lil wayne.

    I love him and i want to know more about is condition into drugs of a thing.


  16. DAMI says:

    we hear from news that is not filling better please i want to know if i can call him to know is condition
    and also i want to say hello to him and how is he filling now .

    beacuse i still have some song to do with him .

  17. DAMI says:

    i belive this guy did not hot bea cuse i love him soo much . i have all the records he have in my room .

    Me and my familly loves him so much but we have never seen him .

    my people want me to have my track with him this coming year but i don’t know what is going on with him now .

    i know many of those atist are not happy cos he was the best rapper in usa and the word now .

    let me know is condition so i can tell the lover of lil wayne .

    stay bless lil wayne .

  18. DAMI says:

    I belive there is noting in life that is not killing
    even food of a thing kill when you take it too much to your self , so please i will want you to tell him to quit or if he will reduce the drugs of a thing .

  19. DAMI says:

    I need to have lil wayne number to be calling him to know his condition soc this guy will never die like tupac and big those are hero which they did not wait to see the life please do not let lil wayne gose this way l et me here from you intime .

  20. Alec P says:

    Your picture of the syrup is wrong, thats OTC cough syrup which has DXM in it. You can trip off that, but rappers use the prescription cough syrup with codeine and Promethazine.

    Anyway yea, no doubt Lil Wayne is addicted (codeine comes from opium, addictive like pain killers or heroin) but as long as he doesn’t get dumb with it and OD he will be fine. If you ever try syrup, its seriously the best thing ever. Nothing tops the feeling you get.

  21. CASSERE says:


  22. Kwabena says:

    I think it will best for Weezy to stay alive and contibnue his career- in fact am really down by this behavour, but there is a way out- Check this 1corinthians chapter 6 verse 9 to 11; by reasoning on the mind of God concerning this it will help him change his thoughts concerning this habit forming phenomenon.

  23. Kwabena says:

    Although I like Weezy very much I don’t approve of all his his moves exabmple like this “syrup synbdrome”- think of your beautiful daughter, her future and do the right thing don’t get side by “fame”…You are worth more than you can think of to Jehovah God see the JEHOVAH WITNESSES and they will help you alot. A friend suffrered the same problem burt through the help by these he’s been set free now from his addiction which he has struggled with for over a decade.

  24. patrick says:

    i love him so much.

  25. kastriot says:

    hahah shum cool lil wayne

  26. T.I.N.Y F Baby says:

    i’ve been listenin 4 lil’ wayne 4 years n always known of his addiction 2 syrup but now 2 c da ingredients i hav 2 try it .. i no it may kill him n i agree he shud stop!! coz i dnt wnna c him dead aswel!!
    but i wnna taste dis shit n c if it is acctually good 😛 .. me n my homies wil b havin fun 4 long time x

  27. tristan says:

    where the fu k you guys think you can tell weezy to quit sippin syrup.. retards.thats like trying to drive a car witout gas. get the fuck out my waffle house bitch

  28. tobi says:

    fuk lil wayne and that scrap ass shit. this nigga shot cheva too. hopefully he will fall asleep with a needle in his arm.
    ~tsk~southside blue
    countdown city

  29. james kariuki says:

    Lil Wayne be blessed to live long for ye make ma days

  30. S.Y.R-UP says:

    I sip every fucking day and I LOVE it. And if you don’t sip you a fucking PUSSY!

  31. matt says:

    first off…. rap is a life of excess. all the greats have taken it way too far at on point or another.

    second…you sound like this guys mom. you said it yourself, he is a grown man and can be held responsible for himself.

    its just a lil syrup. calm down bro.

    weezy would not be Weezy without it. his entire rap persona is built on the ‘im fucked up freestyle’

    do rap a favor and go back to church.


  32. sip sip sippin says:

    first off aint no thing wrong wit sippin on some syrup… the shit is hot…… i agree wit matt and s.y.r-up its his life nigga fuck who are u to intervien… and for those of u bashing syrup try the shit its pretty fucking fun… n i been listenin to wayne my whole life im from new orleans born n raised 20 years n i still live here. waynes the best rapper alive period…

    504 forever

  33. doug says:

    dude seriously, its not the syrup that kills people, its OVERDOING it that kills them. ive been addicted to opiates for years, including hydrocodone syrup which is stronger than codeine syrup. i’m healthy, and i’m most definitely still alive… its overdosing on it that is what killed dj screw and pimp c… not doing it in general. you can od on any type of drug other than weed except shrooms. weezy just needs to be smart about it and stop when he has a buzz. thats all.

  34. Chwayne says:

    Oh no, I know that all this kak writen ere aint real, personaly Wayne aint dead and he aint an idiot either he wont kill hmslf. What he needs is some help not hate from loosers. Stop descriminatin the man. Wayne dude get your shit together n stop playin around! from ur biggest fan Chwayne from SA!

  35. Feda Mehari says:


  36. nwanjoku says:

    how far reply

  37. denisha says:

    lil wayne is the finest man on earth man dis man is so fuckin fine i will kill myself to see hym

  38. Weezy you da king man you make things flow and glow them drugs it aint cool u can get fucked up wit dat shit stop now to forever hold yo peace

  39. mom says:

    I’ve been reading the comments in this forum not because I’m a fan but because I am a mother. One who’s heart aches for this younge man. He is “self medicating” the intense pain in his soul. I wish I could just hug him and make it better, but I couldn’t even do that for my own because I didn’t know. Untill it was too late…. Now when it snows or rains I wish I could give him an extra blanket and a last good night hug like I used to. But I know even though he is asleep in death, it’s always cold. Death is ALWAYS cold. And now my heart and soul are often frozen in place. PLEASE lil wayne and all of you dear readers, choose life not death.
    With all my love

  40. tussintine says:

    haha weezy better not listin to “mom” cuz shes a fuckin joke i think im going to have to buy me a PT and pour up all night

  41. michael says:

    lil wayne is the best!!!!!!!!!

  42. orion says:

    that speaks to me so much
    dood is tellin tha truth and we shud spread this knowledge
    so true

  43. florian wayne says:

    What!!!! are they saying who??? LIL WAYNE not for sure it can’t be.than for LIL WAYNE batter me.We love you CARTER

  44. chip says:


  45. Shazbek says:

    fuck u weezyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  46. Zicky says:

    lil wayne is my man and l need his contact cos l need to speak to him abt all this shit….

  47. fuck mokeys says:

    fuck this shit.fuck the black community n burn them to th round. dont worry about lilwaye worr y about yur crack ha junky family members steeilingfrom white people

  48. mattrrooodd says:

    the writer of this article needs to change the picture of the robotussin just sittin there. that syrup is NOT the kind of syrup that wayne sipps on, he sips on codeine syrup. an OPIATE painkiller, NOT dxm, which is stupid fucking robotrippen which is not even fun. but fuck man let him be him and you be you.

  49. fuck u says:

    ay yo shut da fuck up wit da “black community” bs stupid hoe alotta niggas no matta what race be doin stupid ass drugs

  50. lil Wayne, your the best,but that thing is gong kill you,there’s no resone to drink syrup,but fucket

    you gong dieeeeeeeee if u keep on man.I love u

    No homo

  51. The light ONE says:


    Search him up and you will C how SYRUP IS DONE MADE AND EVERYTHING

  52. WEED AND SYRUP TILL I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. John Allgeier says:

    damn niggas wayne isnt dead shit. im witcha wayne weed n syrup

  54. Bxtch im thee bomb like... says:

    Ok, all these people are right.

    Well, most of them…
    The people who say Lil Wayne should stop, i agree with. Those who say Lil Wayne can do his own thang, i agree with too. But what this man is trying to say is, we need to tell him to stop to PREVENT ODing. Those who say “i sip syrup” you know what it does right? Hello? Thats the reason why people OD dummies because they are already under the influence of syrup. Btw, what the hell does the picture have anything to do with?! just because its not the syrup he uses dont mean shit, its still used by some, so its an example. Yeah, weezy is a grown man, dah dah dah dah dah. But obviously some grown men, like Screw and Pimp C, cant control themselves. Weezy IS smart, but anyone is vulnerable under the effects of depressants and narcotics. By the way, its illegal if you dont have a prescription. And since he’s so honest about it, i doubt his doctor would prescribe it. Just because nothing has happened YET doesnt mean it WONT. and some of these people are only defending Weezy because they are addicted also. You just refuse to see the facts in front of your motherfucking face.

  55. pizda mati says:

    That syrup is extremily weak even if you drink a bottle, if you drink more than 1 bottle it makes you hallucinate too bad and cancells out the sedative effects therefore 1 bottle -1 and a half bottles with tolerence would be equivalent to snorting about 10-15mg heroin (not even quarter of a point) or about 15-20mg oxycodone which really isn’t an addiction. I know people that do over 1 gram of heroin a day or people that do 300-700mg oxycodone.

    Weezy is a pussy if he thinks he has a drug problem.

  56. pizda mati says:

    Also you do not need a prescription for this weak stuff, if I’m not mistaken it contains 10 mg of promethazine and 6.25 mg of codeine per teaspoonful.

    The only mildly addictive substance is codeine as it’s a weak narcotic. What makes it weak is that codeine has a celing effect of 400mg, meaning that anyone taking over 400mg will not get any higher. Also codeine is a pro-drug for morphine, which means when codeine is ingested the liver turns it into morphine….in this process only a maximum of 10% will make it (for example 30mg codeine=3mg morphine maximum).

    If one took a whole bottle at this point with the effects of the promethazine will have overtaken those of codeine and the high becomes hallucinogenic and messed up instead of relaxed. Thus it means Lil Wayne had a very, very small tolerence to opiate/opioid narcotics.

    Promethazine (same class of drug as Benadryl) is an anti-histamine and it is NOT ADDICTIVE, there are people who take anti-histamine medication a few times a day, EVERYDAY for allergies without addiction problems.

    A tylenol 3 has 30mg codeine. A tylenol #2 has 15mg codeine and over the counter Tylenol #1 has 8mg codeine per pill.

    A vicodin of 7.5mg translates to about 60mg-70mg codeine. Vicodine is hydrocodone which is much stronger than codeine…look for an opiate equivalency chart.

    20mg oxycodone is equivalent to 250mg-300mg codeine.


  57. Joseph says:

    Throughout my life i have realized that in order for a change to occur it haas to be a willfull change by the person.No matter how much people may give their opinions and such,HE MUST first connect the variou,scattered dots that are in front of him:His family,his career,his faith,and his fans.If he doesnt make that connectioand decide to make a change he will conttinue to spiral downhill.He makes really good music but the golden question is,”Should he throw his “dreamed of” life away just because he enjoys sippin syrup?”.Wayne can easily b considered a musical genious BUT can he apply that same intellect to his own life?…

  58. corey says:

    most well known my fucking ass, what about dj screw , zro , big moe ,

  59. Backwoods88 says:

    Weezy will do, what Weezy wants to do…Maybe his bid in Rikers will slow him down on the shit, but he does what he does, and he won’t listen to YOU or anyone else to change it…The only reason he is where he is, it’s because of his work ethic and his attitude…He says it best, “Confidence is a stain they can’t wipe off”…and by the way, all those things in the picture (Delsym and Robitussin) have nothing at all to do with “Syrup” the syrup is a prescription cough syrup you get for a real bad cold or bronchitis, I get it myself, because of my bronchitis, and I don’t drink it with any Jolly Rancher in my mouth, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone who does, but hey, I’m not trying to be negative, but honestly, this post isn’t going to change the world, or change Lil Tunechi’s mind about the Codeine…

  60. Backwoods88 says:

    and by the way…pizda mati is an idiot…because oxycodone and hydrocodone (percocet and vicodin) are not stronger then straight codeine and promethazine…they are a strand of codeine and only have a fraction of what the cough syrup has in it…and the promethazine will never counteract the codeine…you are an idiot for posting all of that misleading information…end of story..

    • lil beezeeeee says:

      your stupid dude syrup has maybe 100 mg or alittle bit more of codeine in it dependes on if you get 4oz or 6oz bottle and promethazine helps with sleep and allergic reactions and also makes helps when u get sick to your stomach it just makes you sleepy not fucked up and yeah codeine is pretty weak maybe weaker then hyrdocodone everyones different but people in serious pain never get codeine pills they get hydrocodone or oxycodone so your kind of wrong.

  61. Victor says:

    Lil Wayne is 100% alive, why do people like to kill stars talant unncessarily? plz my fellow let’s keep of on what does not concern us. Wheezy is still alive.

  62. Emily says:

    Lil Wayne is a gangsta, and you know what a gangsta is some who can do what they want, when they want and how they want. So nobody can stop lil wayne from drinking syrup only he can stop himself! and if he doesn’t want to then he wont, cause like i said he’s a gangsta and them gangstas do what they wanna do.

  63. David says:

    Calm down people, he said awhile ago that he’s not addicted to drank anymore.

  64. annonymous says:

    is it really true that the cough syrup can kill you ? if so which kind & what strength ? i am asking these questions on behalf of a friend.

  65. lil beezeeeee says:

    90 % of these comments use the worest english ive ever seen haha and stop saying is he dead no hes not dead the story would be everywhere in the world. It’s funny how people are saying they are suppost to do tracks with him be serious

  66. lil beezeeeee says:

    and why are yall asking for his number he doesnt want to talk to yall dumbass be serious now and saying you need to talk to him dumb mother fuckers.

  67. loyiso says:

    i hope he read that..hope he realizes how much we as hes fan care.

  68. apoogi louis says:

    Wayne quit syrup. you gotta live longer. not for you. but for us. dont be greedy.

  69. jswizz says:

    “For the record I don’t condone this stuff, and it WILL kill you.” The shit in your picture is over the counter syrup. Wayne uses codeine / promethazine syrup

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