My Favorite New Food Network Personality

I gotta say that after the  recent less than stellar releases of Amy Finley’s “The Gourmet Next Door”, “Jamie at Home”, and Sunny’s “Cooking for Real”, I was really starting to question FN’s ability to find good fresh new talent. I watch FN everyday and the last new show I really like is “Down Home with The Neely’s”.  Amy’s show just didn’t speak to me it felt really forced. With Jamie while he uses some very interesting techniques  and ingredients his food just doesn’t look all that appealing to be honest. I know that he is going for a very rustic look but while I think that type of presentation works where he is from I don’t know about here in America. As far as Sunny, she is not really bad but there is just nothing that really jumps out and makes me want to watch her if you know what I mean, she kind of came out of nowhere and I don’t really know anything about her. And then just when I was about to lose hope, this new show came along and restored my faith.


Anne Burrell’s “Secrets of a Restaurant Chef” is a real breath of fresh air. She has great personality and is really, really knowledgeable about food. She is very engaging and the way she cooks is really accessible. The show has lots of bright colors and its just an overall excellent show to me. Her food actually looks like something you would like to eat and watching her cook things passes my one and only test of how good a cooking show is. Watching her cook something actually inspires you to want to get up and cook yourself. If you don’t know who Ann Burrell is most people will recognize her from Iron Chef where she was Mario Batali’s sous chef for 22 episodes and even appeared as a challenger on an episode.

As I write this I am watching her show on roasting chickens and I definitely feel like jumping up and running down to the grocery store and picking up some chickens to roast and that is really what it is all about. I don’t know why she hasn’t had her own show before now, the only reason I can think of is that she didn’t want one because she was too busy with her restaurant. In any case, she is definitely a rising star in the world of food TV. Her show “Secrets of a Restaurant Chef” comes on Sundays at 9:30am, check it out and you will love her just as much as I do.


  1. Colette Hylan says:

    I have been cooking professionally for 9 years. Anne Burrell was one of my most impressionable instructors. I still quote her to this day and use techniques that she taught me. Considering that “There are many ways to do something you just can’t do it wrong” a Chef Anne quote. I think that is saying something.

    Being a woman in this profession has been challanging at times to say the very least, but I always want to have the kind of fun that Anne Burrell always seems to be having in the kitchen. There is never any doubt that she loves what she does.

    Colette Hylan

    • Cindy says:

      Hi Colette,
      Remember us working together at private parties at Peter Kump’s with Chef Anne? She is such a character. Such high energy and definitely sets an example for female professionals in the industry.
      Please get in touch with me:

  2. LBJ says:

    I would say that the FN is leaning toward the “everyday” chef, and embracing the non-traditional personalities!
    Is this a good thing? I dunno. We’ll soon learn once these seasons wrap.
    I must say that I’m more impressed with the diversity of the faces on the network! That let’s me know that my show is on the way!

  3. Lori Hardy says:

    I love watching her! She’s a breath of fresh air and she makes it look so easy!

  4. Brown food tastes good says:

    Ann is my favorite. If you havent made the bolognese, it’s a must! The receipe is by far the most delicious i’ve made. IT does take time to make but boy is it worth it!

  5. don horan says:

    i enjoy watching ann and teaching my dauther how to cookbut but some of anns languge is not good for 8yr. old lisa to hear like crud for pan drippings orpound the crap out of a chichen breast i realy like the show please clean up your act so lisa can watch and learn from your talent and experance don

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