Ginger Ale+Green Tea = Umm.. Really Good Duh

green-tea-ginger-aleFirst off I gotta say that unfortunately I didn’t discover these babies myself, I was turned on to them by my friend Larry who writes an excellent food blog of his on called LBJ’s Brown Bag.

So by now you have probably seen this on your local grocery’s isle and been a little confused and perhaps a little hesitant. Anyone who loves Ginger Ale is hesitant when it comes to messing with something that is already done so well, but trust me this is one time you will want to try something new. Canada Dry’s Green Tea Ginger Ale is simply delicious. It is very clean, crisp, and refreshing. This is a combination that both ginger ale lover’s and those that perhaps feel like regular ginger ale is a bit strong will both love.

These days you hardly ever see anything really creative pop up in the soda isle and actually taste good but this one pulls it off. So go out and pick up a case at your regular grocery store and if they don’t have it ask for it, you won’t be mad you did.

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  1. LBJ says:

    Zo! You’re on the money with this post! The Green Tea Ginger Ale is in a class all by itself and can really be enjoyed by anyone!
    Thanks for the shout out too!

    Go, Zo!


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