Petition To Bring Back Robert Irvine (Dinner Impossible), Is This Mission…Impossible??

This post is just what it says it is. After catching the sneak peek of the new Dinner Impossible I am not impressed. While it had a few funny moments he is not Robert Irvine. Personally, I think that this is a bad move on the part of Food Network because by putting someone else as the star of that show you are perhaps unfairly turning them viewers against his replacement, in this case Micheal Symon. As much talent as he showed on “The Next Iron Chef”, they could have designed him his own show heck I am sure it would be better than “Jamie at Home”.


Anyway after seeing the response I got to my previous post on the initial firing of Chef Irvine I thought that this would be a good way to show Food Network we mean business. I mean if the fans of Jericho can get that show uncanceled then surely we, the fans of Dinner Impossible, can get Chef Irvine back can’t we? What do you say, I think the answer is yes.

If you want to be part of the petition simply put your name (first name, last initial), where you are from, and the phrase “I want Chef Irvine back” and leave that in the comment box. If we can get a large response I will get this to the Food Network and show them that we are not playing about this one. Until then I am refusing to watch the new Dinner Impossible. If they don’t want to turn fans against Chef Symon they really need to get him his own show or they won’t like what happens. Send this link to everyone you know and have them comment too.

Anyway I will start it off.

Lorenzo W.
Alexandria, VA
“I want Chef Irvine back!!”


  1. Teri says:

    Watching that show is a hour of my life wasted. Symon was dry and boring beyond belief. I would rather chew a mouth full of corn starch then watch him again! RIP Dinner Impossible.

  2. Aaron E says:

    I want Chef Irvine back

  3. Alice Bailey says:

    Yes–I want Chef Irvine back–Great show!! Love the show and his apperances on HGTV!!

  4. Gloria S. says:

    I want chef Irvine back!!!!!

  5. Kevin Morris says:

    That was worse than watching my parents screw. Bring back chef Robert, NOW!

  6. Fred Parker says:

    I was very disapointed in the show when I saw Symon do the board walk challenge. What is gourmet about dumping a bunch of clams and corn on a table?

    Robert might have tweaked his resume, but he took pride in his work and made great meals with imagination.

    Please bring back Robert, I can’t see this show lasting much longer with Symon as the chef.

  7. Jay Flynn says:

    I Want Chef Irvine back!!! Forgive what he did (we already have), and get him back!

  8. Gloria D. says:

    Please bring back Robert Irvine!!!!!
    He made the show. No one can replace him.

  9. Yolanda Pantoja says:

    Yes please bring him back!!! I want Chef Irvine back! i refuse to watch it until he comes back!!!

  10. Vincent Raya says:

    I want Chef Irvine back!

  11. Grace Mosqueda says:

    I want Chef Irvine back!

  12. Gricelda Pantoja says:

    I want Chef Irvine back!

  13. K Hogan says:

    BRING ROBERT BACK!!! The “new” Dinner Impossible is impossible to watch! I would rename the boardwalk episode….boring to watch episode! It was horrible!!! I don’t care what Irvine’s resume says. I know Irvine’s Impossible show is entertaining and I can’t take another Rachael Ray show that will be put in the new Impossible’s place when viewers don’t tune in!!! BRING BACK ROBERT!!!

  14. Tammy says:

    Bring back Chef Irvine. Dinner Impossible will not be the same without him. Symon cannot fill the shoes and is too timid to make the show work the way it did. I know I will replace the time I spent watching dinner impossible on another network channel. This is America and if a president can get have an small infraction(and we all know who I mean) and keep his job(and still loved by many americans) why can’t Robert Irvine keep his.

  15. Bring Robert back!!! No offense to the new guy, but Robert is the show. I have watched every episode and have always looked forward to each new one. My Tivo is missing one of his good friends.

  16. J.L. M. says:

    I’m with these people.
    Chef Robert Irvine got an unfair deal. By stepping up and fulfilling the challenges on his show, he more than showed his prowess, skill, and talent as a Chef.
    No disrespect to Chef Symon, but this show was all about Chef Irvine and the way he entertained and inspired despite the odd cooking situations he would find himself each week.
    This show was a big part of our weekly TV viewing schedule.
    Please bring him back Food Network!!!!(heck, even on another show!)

  17. Sandy Kelley says:

    My husband & I LOVE Robert Irvine. Who cares if he fudged his resume. He is awesome at what he does and we love his personality. Dinner Impossible is our favorite show and it isn’t the same without him. He is the name that goes along with Dinner Impossible!!!!!

  18. matt d says:

    please bring robert back….i wont be watching anything further on food network until that time

  19. Ian K says:

    Robert Irvine ROCKS!! His resume doesn’t mean crap to the viewers. No one can do what he does. He has the best personality!! Chef Symon is great on Iron Chef but doesn’t have what it takes to work under pressure like Chef Irvine. ROBERT IRVINE IS GREAT BRING HIM BACK!!!!!

  20. Ann L. says:

    “I want Chef Irvine back”.

    Chef Irvine is D:I, nobody else can ever fill his shoes. Let Simon have his own show, but he will never make D:I.

    Not to be nasty, but I read a comment on another blog that said that the new D:I with Simon should be renamed to “Mad Max’s Dinner Trough”.

    I want Chef Irvine back ! ! ! ! !

    Stark City, MO

  21. "I want Robert Back" Seems funny. They can let a guy do a challenge FOR a show on the FN who lied about being a Marine and just back from Iraq. What could be worse while we have men and woman over there being killed each and every day. And Robert dd not says:

    “I want Robert Back” Seems funny. They can let a guy do a challenge FOR a show on the FN who lied about being a Marine and just back from Iraq. What could be worse while we have men and woman over there being killed each and every day.
    And Robert dd not even lie. My whole point being is that so what IF he did. Which he didn’t. What about when guys used to lie to GET INTO the service. This character lied that he HAD been in the Marines and served in Iraq and they allowed him to continue.
    Has anyone ever had a professional resume done?
    I am sure you either have or know someone who has. But boy talk about truth.
    Q. have you ever done any cooking?
    A. No
    Q. Don;t you cook at home?
    A. yeeeeeees.
    Q.then you have experience as a cook.

    I wrote most of this to the FN and more. They ran themselves out of town. I showed my loyalty to them once. Seeing that second chances are not given at the FN then I guess they had theirs. If Robert is asked back I will watch again. If not I will cntinute to watch oter shows. Other networks.
    BTW, I am not the nly person the the FN did not reply too.
    Everyone I have spoken to did not get a reply.
    kali G

  22. Bruce B says:

    Bring Robert back. He has great personality and really shows what true catering is like.

  23. Dawn D says:

    I WANT CHEF IRVINE BACK- I really don’t CARE what he did before….he made this show one of the best things food network has going….I DO NOT LIKE THE SHOW WITHOUT HIM!!! BRING BACK ROBERT IRVINE!!!!!

    Wilmington, NC

  24. Punkido says:

    Bring back Chef Robert Irvine.

    Chef Robert IS D:I, nobody else can fill those shoes, we all watch to see HIM and all that HE is.

    Check out Chef Robert’s new blog and share your support with him as he moves forward with a new upcoming TV show and a new book.

  25. Punkido says:

    If I may, please request, to the owner of this blog, could Chef Robert’s new blog link be posted on this website/or this posting especially, for everybody to link to and enjoy ? What better place than to link Chef Robert’s blog with his fans. Thank you for your consideration of this request.

  26. J J says:

    I want ROBERT back! Dinner Impossible is one of the few shows I actually LOVED on the food network. I hate that this is tarnishing his reputation but doesn’t his work on the show demonstrate his expertise. I never wish bad for anyone but I don’t think Symon will be sucessful and the show will be cancelled.

  27. Missy says:

    I want Robert Irvine back on Dinner Impossible. He may have made a mistake, but HE is what makes the show. I do not care for Michael Symon, he does NOT make the show. WE WANT ROBERT BACK,

  28. Jennifer V. says:

    I want Chef Irvine Back!!! Michael Symon did nothing on the first show I watched. He had MORE people helping him and basically got food from venders instead of cooking himself.

  29. bob says:

    Bring back robert irvine He was by far the ONLY reason to watch the food channel.How many cake contests can we watch !!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Judy says:

    I would also like to see Chef back on Dinner: Impossible but I can also see why going back would be impossible for him unless goo-gobs of money is offered. My hope would be the Food Network offers him the show back and he tells them to stuff it.

  31. Bob & Fosca says:

    Bring back Chef Irvine – he is awsome- kept you on edge of your set watching, cooked with heart! won’t watch the new host…what a mistake Food Network has made…

  32. Ned B. says:

    Bring Chef Robert Irvine Back! He has great culinary skills, probably the best i have ever seen. I liked his small english accent lol and how he yells at someone when they do something wrong. Food Network has to be retarded to put this poser in place of Robert

  33. Sarah says:

    Bring back robert irvine. The show was not the same. So what if he lied a little…he IS a great chef and a great tv personality. BRING HIM BACK!!!

  34. jt says:

    I like Symon, but I loved the show with Robert Irvine, and I probably won’t even bother watching it now.

  35. Joyce says:

    Bring Chef Irvine back. With out him Dinner Impossible is impossible to watch. I will not be watching it with out Robert. FN this was your screw up and now you need to right the wrong.

  36. Juanito says:

    Only thing on his resume I truly care about is the four excellent seasons of D:I. Without Chef Irvine, D:I is impossible to watch.

  37. Carol D. says:

    I want chef Irvine back! I will not watch the show with his (inadequate, failure in Iron Chef, replacement).

  38. Vannetta says:

    I want Robert back! Iron Chef Symon is a poor replacement. Robert Irvine made Dinner Impossible and without him its nothing. I refuse to watch it anymore its horrible!

  39. Cheryl J says:

    O boy I want Chef Robert Irvine back pronto.He made the how fun to watch.

  40. Chad R. says:

    I need Chef Robert Irvine Back!

  41. Cindy says:

    Bring back Robert Irvine! Symon is boring!

  42. Connie says:

    We want Robert back!

  43. Bill says:

    Hey Food Network you made a bigger mistake then Robert Irvine did, bring him back!!!!!

  44. Bob says:

    Please pass this along to Food Network:
    BRING ROBERT IRVINE BACK! Mr. Irvine made have made a mistake, but he has accepted his mistake, let him move on! The Chef that Food Network has replaced Mr. Irvine is a huge mistake. My family has removed D.I. from out Tivo line up. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has done this. Food Network should check with Tivo to determine how many people have removed this show from the Tivo line up. BRING HIM BACK, GIVE YOUR CUSTOMERS WHAT THEY WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to you Mr. Irvine, I can’t wait to see where you end up, keep up the good fight!!!

  45. Janet S. says:

    Please bring Chef Irvine back. I understand that Micheal Symon has talent and you may feel a bit guilty that you NEVER used him on Iron Chef. He would be better in his OWN SHOW!! Chef Irvine made the show Dinner Impossible!!! Get rid of some of the other dead beat shows you seem to keep putting on. Jamie would be one of the ones to dump. He is a SNOOZE FEST. zzzzzzzzz. You know the saying if it’s not broke DON’T FIX IT! Would you repaint the Mona Lisa? I think NOT.

  46. Yes! by all means, I want Chef Irvine back! He is by far one of the most motivated,talented, creative,surpriseing,amaseing Chefs that I have ever viewed on the Food Network yet. He is very professional and he sure knows his food and what he is doing. He is very charming and witty. He is a real crowd pleaser!

    It is, to me, a real pleasure and privillage to watch him tackle his new missions impossible with such confidence and pride only to watch him once again, in style, succeed with absolute excellence!!

    He is special, one of the best, one of a kind and absolutely irreplaceable. (to me)

    Please bring him back. It’s just not the same without him.

    Your’s Truely:

    Sweetheart Candies

  47. Latasha P says:

    I do not agree with you guys, sorry. Micheal Symon is new and I will give him a chance but as far as chef Irvine goes he came off as a bit pompous and I never really cared for the attitude that he gave off. Sorry I just won’t be missing him much at all. Way to go Food Network!

  48. John F says:

    I agree Robert is the only guy for Dinner Impossible. I mean come on who else are they going to find that can lift a 60 quart mixing bowl (WHILE it is full). Robert is the only man for the job and I am going to stop watching dinner impossible until Robert is returned.

  49. John F says:

    I just sent a long email to food network on their feedback page about how I refuse to watch dinner impossible until Robert is returned. I feel everyone who feels the same way I do to do the same. If the food network is overloaded with mail about how they need to bring robert back I feel they will.

  50. Chad says:

    Chad E
    Baton Rouge
    I want chef Irvine back!

  51. Chad says:

    Chad E
    Baton Rouge
    I want Chef Irvine back!

  52. Kent Fahnel says:

    Bring Robert Back!!!Symon is not even anywhere near a good replacement and it is a big joke.I don’t give a damn if Robert embellished a few things,so what!He is the man,the best damn show on the food network,well it was until they got rid of him.If they dont bring him back the show isnt worth a damn and I will not watch it!!!

  53. Ranah says:

    Please! Please! Please! Bring back Robert Irvine. He has “IT”. No one can do Dinner Impossible except him.

  54. lana g says:

    Bring chef Irvine back cause michael Symon sucks!!!!!

  55. Jim G says:

    Detroit, MI
    Robert IS M:I. Bring back Chef Robert or cancel the show.

  56. Jim G says:

    D:I not M:I, my bad.

  57. Joanne says:

    He has proven his ability! Forget the resume. Bring him back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Carol D. says:

    I have seen Mr. Simon on “Iron Chief,” no charisma, at all…. A Robert Irvine.. he IS NOT…so, no Irvine, is a “Mission Impossible” for me…I will not watch Mr. Simon…I hope Mr. Irvine will return soon.

  59. Kenneth L. says:

    I want Chef Irvine back!

  60. Ken S. says:

    I want Chef Irvine back. I will boycott the new show with Chef Simon on the show until Irvine comes back. I don’t care about Food Network’s reasonsing.

  61. Tom A. says:

    Bring back Robert Irvine!!

    Dinner Impossible just isn’t Dinner Impossible without him!

  62. Zayd says:

    I want Chef Irvine back. He is far better than Chef Simon who is so obnoxious.

  63. BUDDY L. says:


  64. Dave H. says:

    I want Chef Irvine back!

  65. lisa b. says:

    I want Chef IRVINE BACK!!!!

  66. Annie S. says:

    The Food Network made a huge mistake when they left Chef Irvine go. Robert will always be Dinner Impossible. The Food Network has gone downhill with the loss of Emeril, Giada, Mario and others. If the network treated Robert and the others as shoddily as I have heard I wouldn’t waste my time going back there.
    Its too bad Robert, Mario, Emeril, Giada don’t form their own Cooking Network and run Food Network right off the tube.
    I want Robert to go back to where his comfort zone is on tv. I can’t wait to see him back on tv again.

  67. Joyce S. says:

    You can’t have Dinner Impossible if you don’t have Chef Irvine. He is DI – he made it his own. Symon may or may not have the ability to cook under pressure, but DI is about so much more than ability. Whatever Food Network’s true reasons are for letting Irvine go, they overlooked the main point – he’d already proven himself to the viewers. If he didn’t have the chops,plus the personality, he’d never have made DI the success it WAS. He was fun to watch. BRING BACK IRVINE!!!!!!!

  68. Carrie M. says:

    I typed ‘bring robert irvine back to dinner impossible’ into Google and found this page. I made it a point to see all the Dinner Impossible episodes with Chef Irvine…after seeing commercials for the new show I am not interested, intrigued or impressed whatsoever. I hope that more people join the boycott and Food Network comes back to it’s senses. Ok, so Chef Irvine embellished his resume, he may have even lied….but he is charismatic, a great and innovative chef and I think he is truly what made the show a success. He made the show worth watching. I certainly will not be watching DI until Robert Irvine is back…..and if he doesn’t come back to the show, then Food TV has lost a viewer.

  69. jeff L says:

    Bring back Robert Irvine. Dinner impossible was the fantastic, now it is a wash out.
    I won’t be watching any new episodes. the iron chef does not impress me at all…

  70. Suzanna C. says:

    Bring back Robert Irvine !- his show was very popular due to Irvine’s obvious cooking talent and personality not his resume.

  71. julie t says:


    And for all those that are ready to condemn him, how do you know the whole story. Did you ever think that he was persuaded to sound better by the network, publishers to make himself look better “in their eyes.”

    He’s the better host for the show and has proven himself time and time again… I want to see him back for sure!!

  72. Terri SDuke says:

    Please bring back Robert Irvine to Dinner Impossible, I never missed an episode but now I won’t be watching it till you rethink your decision to axe Chef Irvine. Bad decision, what he did was not really not that bad his personality and presense on the show made up for any inregularities on his resume. Please reconsider & bring him back.

  73. Edgar B. says:

    Do bring back Chef Irvine. Simon is not the same. Though was wrong to lie on his resume, he brought something special to Dinner Impossible and the food network. Not only that he also inspired several those who worked with him on the show. Showed people what you can do in a short time. Brought fun to cooking. Think what he done should also be taken in to account and he should be brought back.

  74. Karen J. says:

    Please bring Robert Irvine back to dinner impossible. I missed his episode so much. He’s quite remarkable preparing and cooking food on such a short time, serving hundreds of people at one time. I don’t know how he can do that, but one thing I know that he’s incredible. It’s fun, exciting and at the same time pretty remarkable cooking show. There’s no one else can do as great at Robert Irvine. I know he made a biggest mistake with his resume but still I think you should give him a chance. Believe me… I came from a family that feeds hundreds of people every year in one event. It took us 2 to 3 days to prepare from planning, going to the market, prep time, cooking time and then serve. I trully find Mr. Irvine the most incredible person for this job.

    Foodnetwork please bring dinner impossible back.

  75. Sandra M. says:

    Robert Irvine’s current situation is a consequence of his own actions. That being said, the Food Network is in the entertainment business. What matters more– his past…or his proven ability to complete the missions with enough intensity and charisma to keep viewers hooked? Television is a business. Ratings = dollars. If they’re smart, they’ll let this blow over as most celebrity screw-ups do and BRING BACK ROBERT IRVINE! He IS “Dinner Impossible”.

  76. Rebecca says:

    Bring Irvine back!

    Please, please, please bring Robert back!

  77. Kyle M says:

    Bring Robert Back!!! Like previously stated… If a president can get a bj and still run the country after lying about it then dang it Robert could’ve kept his job on the food network! C’mon people… bring him back!!!!!!!!

  78. Mimi M says:

    There is no replacement for Chef Irvine!!! His personality IS Dinner impossible. Get over whatever issues you have with this guy and get him back on DI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Angie says:

    Angie P.
    Centralia, WA
    I want Chef Irvine back!

  80. dickie! says:

    Chef Irvine ISzzz that show! We can’t have a “Next Iron Chef America” contestant/winner/whateva (Symon)take his place – REVOLT America!!!

    I hope the Food Network Exec’s see this petetion.

    I certainly don’t plan to watch the new show/concept.

  81. Renee M says:

    I WANT CHEF IRVINE BACK!!! He’s the only reason for watching “Dinner Impossible” with his clear & professional chef talents under pressure from conceptualization to execution plus, he has a great commanding presence to get it done. This is what the show is all about. Michael Symon already has experience with a 1-hr Iron Chef show. Irvine had no prior show with time restrictions, so The Food Network should have considered a new, unknown chef.
    Advertising Chef Irvine’s credentials in the opening sequence must bear some weight and you’d think they would’ve checked this in the first place. Why judge him now? He’s proved his worthiness and skill in all episodes. BRING HIM BACK. I won’t watch DI unless he’s back!

  82. Chris B says:

    Who cares if he lied i still LOVE HIM!!! I WANT CHEF IRVINE BACK!!!

  83. Julie JC says:

    Frankly, I never knew anything about his background and don’t really care. He provides much better entertainment than Symon in the Dinner:Impossible show. Symon was boring and I really didn’t care if he got it finished or not. I’m not interested in watching him run all over the place. The shorter show format, I think, adds to the drama, I know the chef’s really got 6+ hours, but he does it in 30 minutes! I know, not really, but to edit down to 30 minutes to show the critical issues, shows not only Irvine’s talent, but also the talent of those behind the scenes to create a show worth watching.

  84. JB says:

    Bring back Chef Irvine!!!!

  85. Anne says:

    Everyone email the food network as well and complain. Tell them you wont watch the show without Irvine. Its Roberts show and will always be Roberts show!!

  86. lisa says:

    Bring Robert back he made the show fun with his humorous ways along with his bulging biceps. Come on does it have to be always a HUGE celebrity chef He was great!!!

  87. monika s. says:

    Bring Robert back. The new guy Symon just can’t hack it. He is not entertaining –in fact he is boring. I won’t be watching the show anymore. Food Network made a mistake in letting him go. Bring Robert back!!

  88. Lisa says:

    I want Chef Irvine back~! New host sucks in this position. Irvine has grace and skills way beyond Symon!’

    We miss Robert!

  89. Ray says:

    My wife and I are both huge fans of Irvine’s and definitely want him back. Symon could never fill his shoes. Irvine made a mistake forgive forget and get him back on the air.

  90. Sara & Mick says:

    We miss Robert! The show is Robert, Robert is the show. There’s no point to it without him. Whatever was embellished on the resume, he has apologized. He always conducted himself with pride and integrity on the actual show and that is what made it so great. So obviously, he does possess the necessary character. Give him another chance. The show needs him! We miss him! We are not watching the show without him.

  91. robert testino says:

    robert was the best! period! we should all boycott the food network!everyone deserves a second chance!so what if he fudged his resume, who doesnt!i,ll bet the execs over at the food network have done worse! BRING ROBERT BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!

  92. Melanie Ward says:

    HOW DO WE HAVE PROOF THAT CHEF REALLY LIED SOMEONE SAYS ON FOOD NETWORK, Irvine lied, and we are all supposed to take their word for it. Granted I don’t think people should lie but I bet a million dollars everyone on staff has emblished some where on there resume. So make a formal statement with proof Food Network or just shut up! Its about us the viewers not you! BRING BACK ROBERT IRVINE!! MICHAEL NO OFFENSE BUT YOU’LL NEVER DO STICK TO IRON CHEF!!


  93. Joel David says:

    A little fabrication is easily forgiven if Chef Irvine really felt the things he said in his show. I say if he was genuine lets get him back. Lets face it he has heart, class, and skill. We should not be so quick to judge, after all on any resume here in America we are encouraged to boast brag and sometime outright lie regarding our skills.

    I bet all the people he cooked for on the show would be sad to know he wasnt given a second chance.

    With regard to Chef Symon. He is a great guy but the show is All Robert. If they dont want to bring it back kill it instead. Give him a show in place of that horrid new show food detectives…

  94. Scott W. says:

    West Chester, OH
    “I want Chef Irvine back!!”

  95. Truman Lewis says:

    Bring the man back, his show was fun and better than some of the other Food Network crap, They should drive the Neely’s off the road and back where they came from (bad show) Next F N Star, this is a load of crap, get some good people on it.
    At least Robert was entertaining and very good a what he does, If did what they say, forgive him and go on, we all tend to be a little over zealous at times in our lifes.

  96. supercathee says:

    Did anyone stop to realize that Irvine lied and was fired for valid reasons? He was deceitful to the Food Network, his colleagues, not to mention his fans. The new guy sucks, but Irvine doesn’t deserve his post back.

  97. Matt says:

    I want Irvine. I was terribly disappointed to hear that he is leaving. He made the show!!

  98. Merrill A. says:

    I want Chef Irvine back. This was the best show on Food Network. Now the only time I turn on FN is to watch the re-runs of Dinner Impossible. Chef Irvine is Dinner Impossible, nobody can fill his shoes.

  99. josh says:

    Bring back Irvine.

    Will not watch Michael Symon, doing Robert’s show.

  100. chad says:

    Bring back Irvin he made the show great.

  101. jeanine says:


  102. Rachel says:

    This is not the firt stupid thing the food net work has done…

    Robert IS THE SHOW!!! Bring him back! I really hope he either comes back or starts out on another network. I for one would have no problem with changing the channel.

  103. Susan P. says:

    I want Chef Irvine back!

    Food Network really screwed up and lost a money winner.

    Doubt I will watch the new guy either.


    I agree with Rachel’s response. Robert is what made the show work.

  104. Amelia, F. says:

    Brooklyn, New York
    I want Chef Irvine back!

    Ok, so we have a man who bembellished. So, what, this is entertainment, right? This is a fun, passionate, entertaining man doing what he seems to do best… cook and entertain. He lied, he apologized, its over. Let Symon’s find his own vehicle and allow the public, us, to be entertained. I want Chef Irvine back!

  105. Giovanna Brown says:

    Giovanna, B.
    Clarkston, Michigan


    NUFF SAID!!!

  106. Tim O. says:

    I want Chef Irvine back!!

    I will not watch mission impossible without him as the Chef.

  107. Cindy Flowers says:


  108. Emma L. says:

    I want Chef Irvine back!

    Mission Impossible will not be the same without him and I will not watch it.

  109. RD Masters says:

    Bring back Chef Irvine! He is great. FN should have checked his resume. The bottom line is, he’s really entertaining and a good cook.

  110. Dave V says:

    I would love to have Chef Irvine back to DI. He made this show something special and having someone else do it would be like have someone else take over being “Lucy” years ago. No way would that have been accepted and this should not either.

  111. Deena L says:

    Bring back Robert Irvine or lose yet anoter viewer!!

  112. EmmaRae says:

    Robert Irvine was the reason Dinner Impossible was so GREAT!…Who doesn’t embelish their resume? Shame of Food Network for blaming Robert for their mistake in touting his resume without checking into it better! I won’t watch Chef Simon! I was shocked he won The Next Iron Chef and I am disappointed he’s their choice to replace Robert Irvine! Bring Robert BACK!!!

  113. Scott says:

    Bring back the English guy!
    Simon is BOOOOOOORING!!!!

  114. kali says:

    If the FN wish’s to keep what integrity they have left then bringing Robert back is the right thing to do.

    Whoever had the birdbrain idea that someone else could fill someone another’s shoes was wrong. Television has proven that over the many years.

    Symon is a great guy and a great chef., but he is not Robert of Dinner Impossible,

    We are at the second level now and I am sure that the FN knows what level three will be. Only common sense tells one that they should do what is right NOW. If the FN does not have a clue what the next level will be then television is not their bag. Get out now while you are ahead..

    Symon is caught up in this ridiculous bunch of hogwash and I am sure others will also be treated the same. Something to think about with all of your other favorite chefs.

    Like Rachel said…. she has no problem changing the channel. Neither do I. Nor do I have a problem by not frequenting their sponsors, which I have tried to be loyal too. But then again I can rethink my loyalty toward the sponsors. Some how, I do not think that loyalty fits in here. Apparently the FN forgets that not only should the chefs be loyal but the powers to be should also should also..
    Bring CHEF Robert Irvine back.

  115. Becki says:

    This is horrible!!!!!!
    dinner impossible was the BEST food network show i really enjoyed it and want him back!!!!!!


  116. Catrina M says:

    I want Chef Irvine back!!!

  117. Jim H says:

    I want Chef Irvine back !!!!

  118. Chris says:

    Bring Robert back, he was entertaining

  119. Monica & Brian Winkler says:

    We took Dinner Impossible off of our DVR Priorities List. Without Robert Irvine the show is a big pile of CRAP. Robert was entertaining and we enjoyed the challenges he came across. BRING BACK ROBERT!!!!!

  120. Daijua-Corin says:

    Please bring Robert Irvine back. I watched 10 minutes of the new Dinner:Impossible show and I must say, I was disappointed. Half of me was saying, “Give this guy a chance” the other half was saying “He is not very entertaining”. I decided to just changed the channel and watched Noggin with my baby sister.

    I have to show respect for Robert not just because we have the same last name. No relation that I know of but, he was the show and the was he. This situation was like
    an ugly divorce. I hate divorce, maybe The Food Network and Robert Irvine can mend their fences and makeup.

  121. Daijua-Corin says:

    Please bring Robert Irvine back. I watched 10 minutes of the new Dinner:Impossible show and I must say, I was disappointed. Half of me was saying, “Give this guy a chance” the other half was saying “He is not very entertaining”. I decided to just change the channel and watche Noggin with my baby sister.

    I have to show respect for Robert not just because we have the same last name. No relation that I know of but, he was the show and the was he. This situation was like
    an ugly divorce. I hate divorce, maybe The Food Network and Robert Irvine can mend their fences and makeup.

  122. Robert says:

    Bring back Chef Robert Irvine.

    Chef Irvine is an outstanding person and an amazing chef.

    Food Network is loosing many of their talented chefs and is getting away from what they originally started out doing.

    Getting rid of Chef Irvine was one of the other big mistakes that they have done.

    Chef Michael Symon is an amazing chef and a very talented Food Network star. However, he is not Chef Robert Irvine.

    Bring back Chef Irvine on Dinner Impossible.

  123. larry tradlener says:

    Bring back Chef Robert Irvine.
    Symons does not have the pizzazz of Robert.
    Dinner Impossible is not what it once was.

  124. marxican says:

    please bring back chef irvine i went to culinary school and despite what he said i forgive him as does everyone here im guessing chef symon always looks like he just got into a fight it looked like he had a black eye and plus no one wants to see uncle fester cook chef irvine is a stand up guy and you all should bring him back he took the blame and manned up for what he said this show is going to fail without him so food network do the right thing and do what your viewers want and bring back the only chef worty of this show chef irvine

  125. Kenneth L. says:

    Chef Symon is a quality chef with lots of skills, but not for this show the whole thing felt forced and rather rigged and semi-pre planned which begs for this I WANT CHEF ROBERT IRVINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Jesse Jay M. says:

    I want chef Robert Irvine back!!! Seriously Michael Symon is cool and everything… when he is competing in Iron Chef. Chef Irvine made Dinner Impossible, and to replace him with him with someone that has a boring voice when explaining things hurt that show badly. BRING BACK CHEF ROBERT IRVINE!!!!!!

  127. Erwin Pro De Belen says:

    bring back Robert Irvine!!!!!!! symon is a good chef but hes not made for this show. hes boring. bring him back or ill go annorexic. ROBERT IRVINE IS BROKEN SON!!!! HES SOOO PRO.

  128. Bryan S. says:

    I agree. Simon is good. But Robert just has that extra intensity that makes it so great to watch. Bring back Robert Irvine!!

  129. Dave says:

    Dave W.

    Bring back Robert Irvine!!!!!

  130. CeeDub says:

    CeeDub C.


  131. Chet S says:

    I want Chef Robert Irvine back. I wrote Food Network several months ago asking that they forgive him but never got the courtesy of an answer.

  132. Bonnie R. says:

    I want Robert Irvine back. The show is not the same without him.

  133. M Ling says:

    Bring Irvine BACK. He is entertaining, wonderful to watch and who cares what he did or did not do to reach his present status. Food Network did not check before putting him on the air, YOUR fault, makes you look stupid. Besides, most of the shows Food Network creates around their new talent (winners of Next Star) are unwatchable. Obviously Food Network doesn’t know what people want to watch. Not much to watch these days on Food Network; so bring some talent to your network, Robert Irvine.

  134. Scottk says:

    Bring him back.

  135. clement b. says:

    the people at the food channel did him an injustice…he did everything within the time constraint and ACCOMPLISH WHAT HE NEEDED TO DO ON EACH EPISODE…without him on this show ive have NO INTEREST IN WATCHING…..if the food channel is smart they would bring robert back….BRING HIM BACK!!!

  136. Jareen Flohr says:

    Dinner Impossible is not worth watching without Robert Irvine. Please bring him back.

  137. Carla C. says:

    I def. want chef Irvine back. I cannot believe that food network would fire him. Dinner Imposible is his show, he started it and always did an amazing job with every mission. Bring him back.

  138. Staci F. says:

    i NEED chef Irvine back!

  139. Staci F. says:

    i NEED chef Irvine back!!!

  140. kl says:


  141. kl says:

    bring back irvine,the bold guy sucks

  142. Chris Caudill says:

    Bring back Chef Irvine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So the guy made up a few things on his resume, who hasn’t. He is one of the best hosts on that network, if not THE BEST! The other guy is lame give him his own show. All Food network did by trying to save face is garantee the shows ratings will sink and the show will be cancelled.

  143. Alfred R. says:

    I want Chef Irvine back! His presence and personality made the show. He showcased his talent in every episode, and endeared himself to the fans. The Food Network isn’t the same without the real Dinner: Impossible.

  144. Elisabeth C. says:

    Symon is very annoying and makes me start to hate dinner impossible. I think Irvine had more personality than Symon. please bring Robert back.

  145. Jared Cohen says:

    I agree that Symon is not a quality food network personality and personally I could care less about where a person has come from but more about where they are going.

    I think if the public needs it, a public apology will suffice, then back to prime time FoodNetwork TV!!

  146. Karen M. says:

    BRING ROBERT AND HIS CREW BACK! It is just not the same without Chef Robert and his Georges!

  147. Arif D says:

    I want Chef Irvine back now!!!!!!!!!!

  148. Alexander P says:

    I want Chef Irvine back

  149. John says:

    I want Chef Irvine back NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The new guy is just bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you want to keep me as a viewer bring Chef back NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. Kensie says:

    Bring him back!!! I so don’t like the new guy and won’t watch until you bring the REAL Dinner: Impossible Chef back!

  151. Michael says:

    Irvine is awesome and Symon is boring, bring back the Chef!!!!

  152. John says:

    Bring back the Chief! Not a Howie Mandel look-alike.

  153. Trish K. says:

    I WANT CHEF IRVINE BACK. I will NOT watch it till he is…it’s NOT the same show.

  154. dyane t says:

    I want chef irvine back

  155. Lillian says:

    I want Chef Irvine back. I can’t stand Symon’s laugh and I’ve taken D:I off my Tivo Season Pass Manager.

  156. Robert says:

    Ok..OK..I get it he lied on his resume, he’s not knighted…. But me can cook and is very entertaining!!! BRING Chef Irvine Back, i will not watch Simon he’s Boringggg

  157. Tommy Nguyen says:

    Bring Robert Irvine back!

  158. Beth P. says:

    I want Chef Irvine BACK!

    Simon needs his own show.

  159. Chris P. says:

    Things are just messed up. Simon does not even shop!! What the heck. Bring Robert Irvine back.

  160. Amy says:

    Please bring Robert back! No offense to Symon, but I agree it’s just not the same. We like Michael…just not on Dinner Impossible.

    The thing I appreciated so much about Chef Irvine was how he went that extra mile to make the guests day perfect. He always seemed to challenge himself and his assistants to come up with extra dishes, which was so cool. I think someone who takes that much pride in their work is a GOOD role model. Robert was fantastic about doing vegetarian selections as well. This is one of the first FN shows where the chef actually goes out of his way to make creative vegetarian dishes, which is more than lacking on that channel. This new guy seems to just do the minimum. No way would Robert forget the “chicken” from the “Charlie Daniels: Devil Went Down To Georgia” challenge, he would have pushed to do to make it happen. Premade red velvet cakes…I don’t think so, Irvine would have re-invented them, magically morphing them into something special. Not just stuck some fruit and spiced whipped cream on them (I could do that). The food just does not measure up to Irvine and his staffs. So what…he embellished his resume. Big woo! If everyone who ever embellished their resume was fired, the world would come to a stand still.

    Sorry, won’t be watching until Irvine is put back where he belongs.

  161. Ann says:

    Check out Chef Robert’s own website for some really super duper simply yum-o recipes, they’re out of this world and sure not at the level of Symon, they’re definitely Yum-O Irvine Style.

    Bring back Chef Robert to D:I, this is FN insanity trying to palm off Symon to do D:I, what an insult to the show, the viewers, and above all, to Robert himself who is D:I.

    Go to Chef Robeert’s blog and enjoy his posts and send him your support thru your comments, let him know all his fans are still out here waiting to follow wherever he may journey to. Where he goes, we go too !!!!!!!

  162. Jodi D says:

    I want Chef Irvine back!! I did not think Symon should have won Next Iron Chef. He is so boring and Mission: Impossible is now too painful to watch.

  163. Jesus says:

    how do I sign the petition. MS is sooo boring, felt sorry for him at times. We need Robert at times. Get over it Food network. Everyone lies on their resume. Awesome show about to be cancelled… You heard it hear first. Robert will catch on somewhere else! I swear this guy has no authority figure what is he like a High schooler. Robert scared ya This guys is like a kid who is throwing a tantrum when he tries to be in charge! lame!

  164. Angel says:


  165. Laura says:

    No one can do Dinner Impossible like Robert Irvine…. PLEASE – BRING HIM BACK!

  166. Wendy says:


  167. Stefanie A says:

    I want Chef Robert Irvine back

  168. Lisa says:

    I want Chef Robert Irvine back! Robert made the show what it is!! It’s not like he committed a crime and was thrown in jail! Get over it Food Network!

  169. Anita says:

    I want Chef Robert Irvine back!!

  170. Elizabeth says:

    Robert Irvine made the show, it is not the same now – no pizazz, blah stage presence and Robert was much more up for the challenges.
    Bring back Chef Robert Irvine Food Network!

  171. Amethyst says:

    I want Robert Irvine back!

  172. Jeff says:

    As a regular Food Network viewer of 15-20 hours a week, I can tell you Michael Symon is not the man for Dinner Impossible. Chef Irvine was born for this role. He made the show into the masterpiece that it is. If left unchanged, Dinner Impossible is well on it’s way to cancellation. Everyone makes mistakes. Even you, the execs at Food Network, are guilty of a mistake or two in your time. Was it really necessary to fire Chef Robert for his? It would seem he has quite the fanbase that feels he is deserving of a little leniency. He is guilty only of embellishing his resume. Even you can’t think it was that bad of an offense as you continue to air re-runs of Chef Irvine episodes. Please, I implore you, offer Dinner Impossible back to Chef Robert Irvine and save a great, yet ill fated show. Even with conditions of public apologies if that will satisfy the higher ups. Thank you for your time, and Chef Irvine…keep doing what you do my friend!

  173. Ally says:

    I watched Robert Irvine on Dinner Impossible since nearly the beginning. He was engaging, funny, warm, and someone who kept me entertained. I really miss seeing him on the show, especially in comparison to Michael Symon. Symon is so boring, has no enthusiasm, and I really could care less if he gets through a challenge. The first time I watched it, I sat there with my boyfriend and made fun of his pathetic voice-overs. I watched it a second time, hoping it was just a first episode fluke, and then gave it up altogether.

    The differences are like night and day. Please bring Chef Irvine back!

  174. marxican says:

    Hi food network people i’m sure you already know your ratings for your show D.I. has went down that was hands down one of the best shows beside next food network star you had and your network executives screwed that up and i checked out other websites that give review for shows like TV.COM and they dont like chef symon on D.I. either so as you can tell your either going to have to cancel D.I. or rehire chef IRVINE back

  175. Natalie & Tim says:


  176. Jeff says:

    To be honest, I didn’t normally watch Food Network. I only watched it occasionally with my wife. That was until I saw an episode of Dinner Impossible! I was hooked! I actually looked forward to watching Robert every week. As a result, I’ve started to watch more Food Network programs. But, now without Robert on Dinner Impossible, it’s just not the same. I no longer have the desire to watch Dinner Impossible nor, any other Food Network programs. BRING CHEF IRVINE BACK!

  177. Scott R says:

    I want Chef Irvine back!!

  178. Hanna H. says:

    I want Chef Irvine back!!!

    Grand Rapids, MI

  179. Jackie says:

    I miss Chef Irvine. That show is so boring without him, he MADE that show. Please bring him back!

  180. Glenn says:

    Bring Irvine Back. He was good at his job, did the show well . . . firing him was an over-reaction by FAR!

  181. Sandra Bundy says:

    Bring Chef Irvine back NOW…. cannot have Dineer:Impossible without him!!!

  182. Jason Hall says:

    I gave Michael Symon a chance and he is no Robert Irvine. He just doesn’t look like he belongs there. What Food Network did was like replacing Tom Cruise with Ben Stiller for Mission: Impossible.

    Bring back Chef Irvine.

  183. Matthew S. says:

    I was always a huge fan of Dinner Impossible but without Robert the show is a drag and boring. DI is officially off my DVR list and I will not be watching any new episodes in the future until Robert returns to his rightful place at DI.

  184. Janyce M says:

    The show can never be the same without Robert. I really like Symon, but just not for this show.

  185. Nina G says:

    “I want chef Irvine back”

  186. Patricia N says:

    I am upset and sad!!!! about Robert Irvine being let go from Dinner Impossible. I want Robert back!!!. I do not enjoy watching Dinner Impossible anymore now that he is gone. Please bring Robert back to Dinner Impossible.

    Patricia N

  187. Melba Rivera says:

    I WANT CHEF ROBERT IRVINE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. Robert Trevino says:

    I would like to see Robert Irvine back on there. He is a lot better then the neely’s i think they are more into sex then cooking. I know what Robert did was wrong but he should given another chance and explain what happen and why he did that. PLEASE TAKE OFF THE NEELY’s they are more about sex and I always shut it off when they are on even when my nephews are around because i do not want them to think it is ok to be that open on TV with the hints they are talking about. They should keep that in the bedroom and not on the show. So please bring back Robert Irvine.

  189. Gloria Chavez says:

    Please bring back Robert!!! He made the show what it is today. Sorry Mike but you are no chief!!

  190. Jeffrey Veitch says:

    Bring Robert Irvine back please!!!! Chef Symon doesnt cut it.

  191. dickie! says:

    Chef Irvine is irreplaceable!

    Chef Simon is not nearly as interesting to watch… and most of all he HAS A CRAZY LAUGH.


  192. C.J. Wheels says:

    I want Robert Irvine BACK!!!!!!!!!!

  193. Josh Davis says:

    Symon sucks, Bring back Robert. The temper Robert had made the show more interesting. Symon is dry and i cant stand to watch it like I used to. PLEASE BRING BACK THE DIVINE IRVINE!

  194. Katy H. says:

    I want Chef Irvine back!!

  195. Charlie Campbell says:

    I want Chef Robert Back!!!!!

  196. Karin Grow says:

    PLEASE! Bring him back! He made the show what it was and I can’t bear watching the new host.

  197. Laura Fitzgerald says:

    I hate Symon. I don’t think he should have won in the Iron Chef competition. His personality is horrible to watch.
    I loved “Dinner Impossible” I watched it all the time. I tried to watch it with Symon and I ended up turning the channel.
    He doesn’t have the personality for the show.
    The food network made a mistake by placing him on.
    Irvin did wrong by impelishing his resume’ but he was a good cook and a lot better host! I always enjoyed watching him.
    Hopefully the food network brings him back to the show and get rid of Symon!!

  198. Laura Fitzgerald says:

    BRING back Chef IRVIN!!!!!!
    Dinner Impossible isnt’ the same without its Chef Robert and his personality!!!!
    Bring him BACK!!!!!

  199. kim endlich says:

    i hope the execs at food network read this…and everyone should also email them (i have). although michael symon is and entertaining chef, he is totally wrong for this show. nobody could possibly fill robert irvine’s shoes and it was a HUGE mistake for them to attempt to. without robert irvine there is no “dinner impossible”. you must bring him back!

  200. dave says:

    Dinner Impossible was the only show I would watch on Food Network. Now I will not watch anything. Getting rid of Chef Irvine got rid of me, and I am sure, many other viewers.

  201. Michele says:

    Dinner Impossible is not the same. My husband, son, and I love the show. Watching Michael is not the same. We want Robert back!!! Who cares about his previous credentials — the only one that matters is how good he was on Dinner Impossible!!!

  202. Lauren R says:

    I can’t watch the new dinner impossible show, it is so lifeless and bad! I want Robert Irvine back NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  203. Lauren R says:

    Lauren R Anchorage, Alaska I want Robert Irvine back, NOW!

  204. Charles Smith says:

    The new show is Impossible to watch!

    I want Chef Irvine back!!

  205. Anthony says:

    Food Network we watch the show every wednesday of every week one night i see a advertisement with Michael Simon and host of Dinner Impossible and my wife and i was shocked we loved watching Chef Robert Irvine and we thought we would give the show a chance with Michael Simon and it was the worst show i ever saw in my entire life we are very dissapointed that Chef Robert Irvine is not the Host of Dinner Impossible and refuse to watch the nonsence till Chef Irvine is brought back if not the show is gonna be off the air by the end of the season and as far as i can see everyone agrees with me when i say that the show “sucks” if i may say so

  206. Ken says:

    Agreed with everyone here. This show is just horrible without Chef Irvine. Symon just doesn’t have a winning personality that’s good for TV. The new Dinner Impossible is dead in the water…..

  207. Susie says:

    When I first saw the add for the new session I thought…there is no way Symon is going to be as good as Robert but I will give it a chance. I watched 10 minutes of the new season and went and cancelled my session pass to the show. I am sure Symon is a good chef but he is not good on the show. Bring Robert back!

  208. Debra S. says:


  209. Joseph Busi says:

    I want Robert Irvine back!!! I am a business man and understand that if you look at anyone, they have a past they have lied about or not been completely honest about. This is true for even the most honest people. I know the the lady head of food network made this decision or had a big influence and I am sure the rating are reflecting she made a bad decision and it could of been handled in a better way. Simply I used to watch the network three times as I watch it now and that includes my wife. It is a shame, because Robert has so much more talent than Simon in this show. I’ve tried to watch it, but it does not even come close! They made a bug mistake.


  210. Jen C. says:

    Bring back Robert Irvine.

  211. nick says:

    hes the best…….bring him backkk befo i sue food network

  212. Lavender says:

    Chef Symon does not compare to the brilliance of Robert Irvine on Dinner Impossible. What a waste of a host! Lose Symon and BRING BACK CHEF ROBERT!!!

  213. Lavender says:

    Tonight they played back to back episodes of Dinner Impossible with Chef Symon’s episode immediately followed by Chef Robert’s episode. Robert’s show was so much more interesting, innovative, resourceful, and the stuff he made actually looked good!! Chef Symon didn’t even finish his “impossible” mission– time was up and he did not complete dinner!!

  214. Molly says:

    Bring Robert Irvine Back!!!

  215. Bob B. says:

    I want Robert. He is the show. I tried to watch the “Other” guy. It became quite clear in the first thrity seconds that he is a complete bore.

  216. Sally S. says:

    My whole family wants Robert Irvine back!

  217. Adam K. says:

    the new guy is an idiot, robert was the man

  218. Deepak says:

    Bring back Robert! I can’t stand Michael’s laugh …

  219. Patrick T says:

    My family of 8 want him back and back now!!!!!!!

  220. Tessa K. says:

    I want chef Irvine Back. I caught five min of the new one and my tv now sits dark I can not believe that food network ruined the show!


  222. Collette C. says:

    Bring Robert Irvine back, I had the priviledge of seeing him perform a “Lunch Possible” in person and he was awesome. He is a true entertainer. Yes, he should be punished for lying however the food network wants to punish him; but, Symon is no replacement for Irvine. I think John Besh was more charismatic and talented(ie 4 restaurants) than Symon anyway and should have been chosen over Symon for Iron Chef.

  223. Tameka N. says:

    Sometimes you have to lie to get ahead in this world. I lie on my resume to get jobs but, I do a damn good job once I get the job and Chef Robert Irvine did a damn good job, liar or not. I want him back and I am not watching that show until he is back on it!

  224. Mary says:

    Bring back Chef Robert!

  225. Jared L says:

    I was Chef Robert Back

  226. Lynne S says:

    I will refuse to watch Dinner Impossible without Robert Irvine. The show is not the same without him.

  227. Lynne S says:

    I will refuse to watch Dinner Impossible without Robert Irvine. The show is not the same without him. Martha Stewart did much worse and no-one really cares what she did either. She has come back no problem, Food network needs to get over it. No one cares!

  228. Debi H. says:

    Bring back Robert Irvine! We love him. He definitely makes the show. We no longer watch Dinner Impossible.

  229. Shannon P. says:

    Bring back Chef Irvine!

    I’m sorry – I watched Dinner Impossible every week – not anymore

  230. KaTrina says:

    I understand that Mr. Irvine lied and you must make him face the consequences but was firing him the best thing to do? If so, you need to cancel Dinner Impossible or get a better chef. I didn’t think that Michael should’ve won the Iron Chef competition. He was good, just a little dry. Please reconsider your choices or you will do more damage to FN than good.

  231. Michael says:

    Bring Robert Irvine back – he was very entertaining and I loved the show with him on it.

  232. Cindy E says:

    Please bring Robert back! The show with Chef Symon does not have the same excitement, energy or the ability to inspire the home cook to elevate our kitchen skills in the way that Chef Irvine demonstrated. While watching each episode of the original DI, I learned how to quickly get high quality meals on the table in limited amount of time, equipment and ingredient swap outs and how to take care of my guests (for example, by always asking if anyone was a vegetarian or would like something special for the meal).

  233. Sophie says:

    Please bring back Robert Irvine! Chef Symon is a good chef… but, he just isn’t right for Dinner Impossible. That show was “made” by Chef Robert Irvine.

    Robert had to sit out a season. He’s done his penance. His fans have done the time with him. Please bring him back!!

  234. Ron says:

    I just cant make myself watch this season anymore I am done watching unless they bring Robert back!

  235. Michelle Lee says:

    Dinner Impossible is just not possible without Robert Irvine!
    So what if he embelished his resume? Which one of us has not done that?
    Bring Robert back!

  236. Misti says:

    The truth is we are being punished without Robert Irvine! He rocks. He is Dinner Impossible- sorry Simon (stay with Iron Chef)

  237. carmel says:

    We love Robert Ervine!!! Please give us more of the real master of
    Dinner Impossible.

  238. Fade says:

    I will not be watching dinner impossible, which was one of my favourite shows, now that Robert Irvine is not on it! Bring him back! This is all very hippocritical! Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!

  239. TRACEY says:


    I will not be watching dinner impossible. Bring him back NOW!!!!!!!!!

  240. patrick says:

    Please bring Robert Irvine back!!! Dinner Impossible is not the same without him. I have tried watching the New Chef, and though he is good, Robert is still the best. I always look for re-runs of the show with Robert, but they are few and far between. (I have yet to watch a full episode of the new season.

    Please bring Robert back…pleeeeease. The Food Network could even give Robert a new show. We do not care about what mistakes he made in the past…We forgive him…

  241. lizibear says:

    bring him back now. I miss my favorite show

  242. John says:

    When the show’s host was changed I stopped watching the show. I knew nothing of why Robert was not there. I just knew that I was missing him and the show lost its appeal. On 10/27/08 I found out why the change was made. It sadden me and I was disappointed in Robert and who has reaped the rewards of his action. His dismissal by The Food Network is justifiable. After reading his apology I am wishing him the best and hope that the entertainment industry will forgive this transgression and focus on his talent. If Robert has learned from his folly and is truly sorry how can we not forgive him. Food Network please allow the spirit of forgiveness to Robert and compassion to his fans to sway you to bring back Robert.


  243. Tia Gometz says:

    Please bring back Chef Irvine. The new Dinner Impossible is very boring. I tried watching 4 episodes and couldn’t watch anymore. Chef Irvine made Dinner Impossible fun and informative. I have made many of his recipes and love them. He was made for this show and there is no one who can replace him.

  244. kchm says:

    I’m watching Dinner: Impossible right now and Robert is soooo much better than Symon. Bring Robert back!

  245. Stephanie Thomas says:

    I want Robert Irvin back! He’s more creative, more ambitious and frankly more fun to watch. I’ve tried to give Symon a chance but he falls short.

  246. Angela says:

    I want Robert Irvine back too. The new version of Dinner Impossible is weak and pale in comparison to the force of nature that is Chef Irvine’s personality. He has a huge fan base out here, FN. I suggest you get on the phone with his agent and start negotiating. We love the guy and want him back.

  247. Suzanna says:

    I am with all of you who want Robert back, he made the show! Not only do I think he is hot, he has the talent and personality to make that show a hit, unlike his replacement…..oh please!!!!

  248. Aria Leonard says:

    Irvine was so much better! Bring him back!

  249. Aaron says:

    Robert made the show, and he has proved he is a great chef and a wonderful entertainer.

  250. James says:

    I agree. Robert was what made the show great.

  251. Trisha H says:

    Robert made DI what is was. Symon just is not the right fit for this show. BRING ROBERT BACK!

  252. A. J. Starr says:

    Everyone makes mistakes; that’s a part of life. Is the Food Network without flaw? Chef Irvine embellished his resume; one could easily argue that it was wrong. Equally as wrong was FN’s inability to perform the most basic of tasks when reviewing someone’s credentials: a full scale background check to verify what has been stated, especially given the lofty accomplishments indicated. In this regard, the Food Network failed–and failed HORRIBLY–and should shoulder every bit as much blame as they have deemed fit to place upon Robert’s shoulders.

    I enjoyed watching Dinner: Impossible, rather interesting a statement for someone who loathes the idea of cooking. This revelation in itself should prove how alluring & powerful Chef Irvine was while afront the camera, doing what he does best. Quite simply, he was fun and magnificence in action. He cannot be replaced no matter how much anyone tries to emulate him.

    PLEASE BRING HIM BACK ASAP! At the very least, atone for your own mistakes, Food Network, and bring him back in a new show. He’s an awesome, likable human being and deserves to be forgiven.

    (Ahem) Besides…some of your so-called ‘talent’ have all the personality and sparkle of used tea bags, I must say. Robert Irvine could run circles around many of them in his sleep! You must revisit the feasible notion of rehiring him, as he’s more than worthy of a second–even third–chance.

  253. Patty J. says:

    Bring Chef Irvine Back!!!

    Irvine was my favorite personality on Food Network. He seemed down to earth and a great chef. People make mistakes but Food Network is making more by taking him off the air. Point taken, now bring Robert Irvine back!!!

  254. Tatiana L says:

    I want Chef Robert Irvine BACK!!!! Chef Irvine is Mission Impossible. He makes that show!! No offense to Simon but Irvine is awesome. He is human. We all make mistakes. PLease bring him back.

  255. Masa O says:

    I want back Chef Irvine. Yeah, he was wrong but he did his job well. In fact, he does his job better than most people in the same industry. The show is just not the same. Please bring back Robert Irvine. The true champion of Dinner Impossible.

  256. Sean B says:

    Food Network should devote itself to entertaining and informative programing. Robert Irviine offered both of these with Dinner Impossible. Make him give an official apology and give the mans show back.

    PS- no offence to simon, he rocks on Iron Chef

  257. Moselle N. says:

    I was very disappointed when I tuned in and saw Chef Robert Irvine had been replaced. The show was as dry as burnt toast.

  258. julia says:

    My husband and I have completely stopped watching the show—we tried to give the new kid on the block a shot, but always came away with the same bad taste in our mouths. I want Chef Irvine back!! If he comes back, we will gladly start watching again…..

  259. Donnie says:

    I think that F.N. should let Robert come back and be the host of Dinner Impossible. Robert has proven himself time and time again that is more than qualified to do the show. He is a talented chef that deserves a second chance. I do believe what he did was wrong but he has proven like I said that he is very capable of doing the job that he was given.

  260. Keith Harris says:

    I agree with all!!
    Dinner Impossible will NEVER be the same until Chef Robert Irvine is back where he belongs. Everyone deserves a second chance!!
    “I want Chef Irvine back!!”

  261. Mary A. says:

    I definitely would like to see Chef Irvin back. He was so awesome. He is a fantastic chef who came up with the most innovative recipes and was also interesting to watch. Iron Chef Simon is so boring and brings nothing to the table. I want Chef Irvin to be brought back, so I can start watching it again!! I agree with the others, everyone does deserve a second chance!!

  262. Shelby and Chris says:

    We LOVE Robert Irvine!!! We have missed the show sooo much! Michael Simon is definitely not Robert Irvine. I can’t even explain our disappointment in the Food Network when they let him go. We stopped watching the show for sure. Now, we will start watching avidly again. It was one of our favorite shows! Thanks Food Network for bringing him back!

  263. Debbie Nixon says:

    I won’t watch it anymore. I think they did Robert wrong. The other guy is boring and Robert was fun and exciting. Man they messed up the show for me. I won’t watch it until he comes back.

    Count me in.


  264. Shanda M says:

    YEAH I just saw that they are bringing robert back!!! SUPER STOKED!!!!

  265. Beebs says:

    YAYE!!! He’s the best and got the shaft. Read his BIO on Food Network they credit him working for the Queen and the U.S. President. Bout time, glad he’s back I’ll watch Dinner Impossible again WOOT WOOT!

  266. PAPO LOQOT says:



  267. gary says:

    Save this show. so he said some things on his resume. big deal. havent you? Hey could you do what chef Irvine does. I cant. and obviosly chef Simon cant either. (yeah Ive seen it.)so do the right thing let Robert keep his job.yall know he’s the chef.

  268. Roger Lee says:

    Native born on Hilton Head Is., basicly a river rat along the Intracoasral waterway. I share my thoughts that Impossible would not be without Robert.

  269. Rebecca Redman says:

    We don’t watch the show because of his “credentials”. We watch it because of what he DOES. Bring the show back!

  270. Sabrina Tucker says:

    I WANT ROBERT IRVINE BACK!!! I refuse to watch anymore Dinner Impossible until I see Robert back in his tight black food network muscle shirt. I enjoyed watching his big guns whip up a feast for 500 people in a short amount of time. brought an hour of joy to watch his show every Wednesday.

  271. Jasmine Thomas says:

    I want Robert Irvine back. it was a good show. no one can do that show better than Robert.

  272. JavarThomas says:


  273. Sabrina L Tucker says:

    Dinner impossible is impossible without Robert.

  274. Bertha Westbrook says:

    Bring Robert Irvine BACK to Dinner Impossible!!!

  275. phil b says:

    i want chef irvine back!

  276. Warren D. says:

    If they want to fire Robert for lying, they need to clean up their own act. The “chairman” on Iron Chef, who they pass off as the nephew of the original Iron Chef Chairman, is really a Hollywood actor with no connection to the the original at all. At least Robert is a chef. Robert may not be all he says he is, but he is an awesome chef and strong personality for Dinner Impossible…. Bring him back!!!!!!

  277. Maybe you could make changes to the post title Petition To Bring Back Robert Irvine (Dinner Impossible), Is This Mission…”Impossible”?? Zo Knows Food to more generic for your webpage you write. I liked the blog post all the same.

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