How Food Network Is Ruining Michael Symon’s Career And They Don’t Even Know It

For the most part I like Michael Symon, except when you take him and put him on show that was designed for and made famous by another chef. When he was on “The Next Iron Chef”, I was rooting for him to win, he was the rebel but he could really cook. In selecting a new Iron Chef though FN made one key miscalculation, and that is that they made the assumption that chef’s would challenge Symon and so far most of the time that has not been the case. So at this point they had a problem, they had an Iron Chef that never really got to Iron Chef, so when the Robert Irvine thing happened I am sure they “thought” it was the perfect opportunity, it wasn’t.


Symon is getting the short end of this stick

They figured that the premise of the shows was similar enough that they could swap in Symon and it not make a difference but it in fact made a huge difference, at least to the viewers. Now they have an almost no win situation as they go. You have Micheal Symon hosting a show that the fans will never think he is good enough for because they will never think he is better at it than Irvine and thus he gets the short end of the stick. Then you have fans that are starting to dislike him because of this, which doesn’t bode well for him when he does other shows.

I think maybe FN thinks they can do anything, but if they don’t either get Irvine back or cancel the show and get Symon off that show they are going to lose any chance of Symon being a popular personality on that network. I understand why Symon took the job, he is a great chef in his own right and was being under utilized but I just feel like they would do better to design a show around him. The problem is that even if they did that and offered Irvine the show back, I am not sure he would take it and that is truly a shame. We, his fans, would love to see him back, but as I look at the situation it seems less and less likely. I asked Chef Irvine this very question and I am waiting for his response, if he sends one I will post it. Oh on a side note, he actually emailed me folks, personally that is one of my all time top moments so far in life.

But in the end, FN messed up on this one and they need to fix it quick before they really mess Symon up in the eyes of the viewers. Symon needs to figure out that he is in a shadow that he will never be able to get out of and ask for another show, his show that people could relate to “him” on. FN has to get it together, what do you guys think?


  1. D. DAVIS says:

    you are right about Symon he will take robert place and I will never watch him or food network again for that reson unless they put robert back.

  2. Punkido says:

    I watched the whole Next Iron Chef episode and rooted for Besh, but I was ok with Symon too, seems like he can really cook and I’ve watched him on Iron Chef and he’s good.

    BUT, Dinner:Impossible he is NOT, Robert Irvine was the whole show, his food etc came 2nd to who he was and his TV presence and personality. I watched the Sneak Preview of D:I and all I can say is that it “Sucked” big big big time.

    I agree, there are so many fans out there of Chef Robert, that if the FN continues it’s insanity of not bringing him back to D:I that more and more people will associate the negative with Symon than is fair to him. If the FN needs a show for Symon then create one just for him, but for Symon to try and fill the “Big Guy’s” shoes on D:I, he will fail and so will the show, not because of who Symon is, but because Chef Robert Irvine was D:I and nobody can fill those shoes.

    Apparently FN does not give a toot though about what their viewers want, there has been so many “Bring Robert Irvine Back” comments etc and still the FN tries to WOW us with the new D:I. I feel sorry for Symon as he is an innocent victim in all this, but since FN doesn’t seem interested in protecting his name/career, then Symon himself might just get a heads up. Seems FN doesn’t know when they have a winner, they keep running the winners off.

    With Emeril, Mario, Irvine, and all the others gone, I haven’t found a reason to watch FN. Sure not going to waste my time on the Neeley’s or watching Ms. Paula make google eyes at all the male guests. I watch to learn and for inspiration, Emeril, Mario, Irvine, Barefoot Contessa, great teachers and inspiration.

    Oh well, doesn’t seem that anything that the D:I fans want is going to be happening anytime soon. Chef Irvine has a new TV endeavor coming up and I hope it runs against the new D:I – watch the ratings!!!!! It’s just plain simple, wherever Chef Robert goes his fans will follow and turning the channel is soooo simple.

    Check out and support Chef Irvine at his new blog:

  3. Punkido says:

    The last part of your post didn’t show up, on my computer, till I posted the above comment.

    I just wanted to add that from other sources that I am in contact with, that are in direct contact with Chef Robert,that he has apparently indicated that he would go back to FN in a flash if they asked him, that was a while back. Now as time has gone on he may be under contract for other obligations and not able to return to FN at this time, I don’t know.

  4. thatruth2006 says:

    I have personally communicated with Chef Irvine and I can confirm that your sources are right, he indicated to me that FN need only ask him.

  5. Angela says:

    If all they need to do is ask, someone over at FN needs to get off his/her butt and ASK!

  6. Lori says:

    I think Symon is great. I never watched until he was on it.

  7. Lori says:

    I think Michael Symon is great and only started atching Dinner Impossible because he was on. Loved the vegetarien cowboys. lol

  8. Matt Turner says:

    Robert Irvine was cool on that show because of his big character, and “normal guy” persona. But folks, he’s not a good cook. Everything he did on that show was catering 101, tired last decade stuff. Say this with a British accent: coconut shrimp, bacon wrapped scallops, Salmon with lentils, beef wellington, creme brulee. And you too can be a food network star.
    From what I’ve seen of Micheal Simon he is an amazing chef with the chops to beat ANYONE on Iron Chef.
    The problem is that FN is about personality, not necessarily good personality, just personality, and although that makes for great TV entertainment,it doesn’t make for good food. What’s worse is that people, the public, are like sheep and follow along with the herd…. so personality, and flat one dimensional presence makes you a star.
    This is all fine and good, but America is already far too deep into the development of facade based, marketing based culture. One where Racheal Ray (who isn’t even a good cook much less great chef) made #1 on Forbes Top Earning “CHEF” list.
    MTV ruined Americas music scene, let’s hope FN doesn’t further retard our culinary development.
    The US needs more cooks like Micheal Simon and less TV stars like Robert Irvine.
    What is really sad is that talent like Micheal simon needs FN to make a career.

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