Album Review: The Game-L.A.X (Deluxe Edition)… Is The Game Better Than 50?

The Game is back with his third album L.A.X and I gotta say that I am digging it. In fact, to be honest I have liked all The Game’s albums. From the very start their has been a lot of controversy surrounding him, none bigger than his very nasty and public split with G-Unit and 50. After “The Documentary” sold 586,000 copies in its first week and went on to sell over 5 million copies worldwide there was a lot of contention from 50 cent that he had in fact been the genius behind most of the tracks. It got even nastier when when 50 said that the game couldn’t really write and without him he wouldn’t do anything. Not exactly the way it worked out huh 50?


Is This Really The Game's Last Album??

So “L.A.X.” is a very enjoyable trip from beginning to end. Save one or two songs that I wasn’t really feeling I like the entire album and that is something to say for an 18 track album which I have to give mad props to him for putting out in these days of 12-15 track releases. The album begins and ends with a prayer from the tortured soul himself DMX followed by the really smooth “LAX Files” that takes listeners on a trip around the hood through Games’ eyes. It is an eerily introspective track that shows you that lyrically when it comes to Jacyeon Taylor there is more than meets the eye. But then just as you are about to mellow out he hits you with “State of Emergency f/ Ice Cube”, a hard hitting track that has a classic drum heavy west coast beat that Cube and Game just kill.

After a couple of other tracks we flow through to the hot single “My Life f/Lil Wayne”, by now everyone has heard this track and what can I say he puts it down on this joint, I mean just listen to the lyrics. Next we hear another kinda up tempo track “Money”, a hot track that he drops a few disses on his former crew and I can already see this one bumping in cars all over the block. Another standout track on the album is “Gentleman’s Affair f/Neyo”, classic Game all the way. He just kinda spits it, its will kind of remind you of “Change Clothes” by Jay-Z in the feel of it. My favorite track by far on the album is “Never Can Say Goodbye f/Latoya Williams”, on this track he puts his self in the shoes of three hip-hop legends and explains what he thought their last moments were like, this track is a very poignant interpretation of their last moments. On this track The Game definitely shows a level of insight that people don’t really give him credit for. The album is really very good and you can really see his growth as an artist over these past two years.


Either You Love Him or Hate Him?

Now on the other part of this post and I know a lot of folks may disagree with me but just hear me out. As I listened to “L.A.X.”, I couldn’t help but think back about his two other previously released albums and think that I think that The Game is a better rapper than 50 cent. Now let me preface this by saying with the exclusion of “Get Rich or Die Tryin” which was a classic but that is what makes this so apparent because in my opinion 50 has never regained the honesty and hunger of that first album. While ‘The Massacre” and ‘Curtis” have both been commercial successes, I can’t say that I have really liked either one of them that much. A lot of people get on The Game because he usually has so many features on his albums and name drops a lot but I am like that is his style and his way of showing props and even with all the features I have never really heard him get overshadowed on too many of them so I say let him do his thing.

When The Game split from 50 he said that Game couldn’t rap and wouldn’t sell since he was writing his lyrics anymore. Well it seems that 50 was mistaken as The Game has sold records and their has not been any discernible dropoff in his lyrical quality while we can’t say the same for 50. It is also funny that 50 would say that about Game when a lot of people still think that Eminem actually wrote most of 50’s lyrics from ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin”. People do either love or hate The Game but the fact is that his growth as an artist and lyricist is obvious sense his debut while 50’s is not, not to mention that to date he has sold over 7 million copies worldwide. 7 million records worldwide aint shabby and that is more than a lot of rappers out. If you haven’t picked this up, I suggest you do he gets a bad rap but he does have some real skills. On a side note, The Game also killed 50 on the technology front creating in response to 50’s launch of, Game’s site is much more professional and better designed. It does exactly what I think 50 had hoped his site would have done, but don’t take my word for it check them out for yourself.

Well that’s it folks, I am outta here but I definitely give The Game’s “L.A.X.” 4.5 out of 5 stars. So go get it!!

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  1. Tigger says:

    L.A.X is the hottest album of the summer and u can put your “claasic” stamp on it. From the time u put it in till it ends. I hope it isn’t his last album because he is reaaly starting to come in his own in the rap game. BLACKWALL STREET 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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