VIBE Magazine Tells Robin Thicke Your Cool Just Not Cool Enough To Be On Our Cover

I heard this story as I was driving in to work this morning and I have to say if it is true then I am disappointed. The entire controversy revolves around comments Thicke made in an interview with Billboard Magazine alleging that when he inquired as to if he could get the cover, VIBE responded by saying we don’t put white artist on the cover. Now in the entire history of VIBE only one white artist has appeared on the cover and that was Eminem. I understand tradition as much as anyone, but in 2008 with some many things happening in the world and so much CHANGE occurring I think this may be one tradition that VIBE needs to let go.


Did VIBE straight diss Robin Thicke?


I understand that as a magazine they want to stay true to their core audience and that audience happens to be predominantly African-American but most African-Americans, at least the ones that I know like Robin Thicke. I don’t think any of them would be outraged to see him on the cover. I think that they are walking a thin line, a real thin line. To be quite honest, there are not that many white artist than can crossover and have as much mainstream success as Thicke, so when one does come along and loves music and your magazine I see no reason why they shouldn’t put him on the cover.


Thicke with wife Paula Patton

To me this is like Rolling Stone saying they don’t put African-American artist on their cover, I mean if people aren’t as outraged as they would be about that about this then they are a bunch of hypocrites. Several African-American artists

have graced Rolling Stones’ cover including Kanye West, 50 Cent and Jay Z. While neither magazine has had enough of the opposite race on their cover in this bloggers’ opinion, at least Rolling Stone is making more of an effort and at the very least are smart enough not to say something like this.

I mean I am sure that Thicke is used to issues like this and even more so because he happens to be married to Paula Patton who is African-American. Robin Thicke is probably one of the people that is most comfortable in his own skin than you will ever see, no matter the color.  In the end, VIBE will probably crumble under pressure and offer him the cover but if I was him I wouldn’t take it, though if he does I understand. From watching Robin on TV and listening to interviews he has done he seems like a genuine guy and I don’t think that he would make something like this up especially knowing the controversy it would cause and his album is already out so I doubt he would do it to spur sales.  The only thing I have to say to VIBE is grow up.

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