Album Review: Neyo – Year Of The Gentleman

Neyo is back with his third album “Year of the Gentleman” and he is definitely changing the game. Even though he has seen much success including several Grammy’s,  Neyo is not using that as an excuse to become stagnant. No, in fact this album is perhaps his most introspective and well written yet, and that is saying a lot because as far as I am concerned he is one of the best writers in the game right now.


The album jumps off with the #1 single “Closer”, and if you ain’t heard that one you must have been living under a rock. The next banger comes with the third track, “Single”, that has Neyo sweeping a women off her feet who’s man is less than attentive. This is the kind of track that fellas will listen to and wonder if they are paying their girl enough attention (Note to the fellas: If you aren’t, you might want to take you girl out tonight, especially if its been a while and she might be feeling a little neglected).

On the very next track Neyo addresses a topic that anyone any a relationship will understand. The track is called “Mad”, and the song is about when you arguing with that special someone and you end up fighting and you both know that you are really fighting about nothing but neither one of you will back down to so you just end up being mad at each other longer. This song really speaks to the need to talk to one another on a regular basis about how you are feeling and what you need out of the relationship, because otherwise you will always find yourself arguing about….NOTHING. As we skip over his other hot single “Miss Independent” and another track we get to “Fade Into The Background”. I really like this joint, its about when you let the person that you really like slip away and no one is to blame but you.


Neyo is definitely bringing some sophistication back to the game

I won’t give too much away , but the last track I will talk about is “Back To What You Know”. This song and the track right after it are very much the same thing. Both of the songs talk about really being sure that the person you are with is the one that you really want to be with. He is basically telling her to go back to where she knows she really belongs. This is a very insightful observation and whether you are a boy or a girl, don’t be too blind to see that the person you are with isn’t really with you. Nobody wants to be stop gap, no matter how lonely you are.

If you can’t tell by now, Neyo is definitely back and taking no prisoners. Neyo’s ability as a great songwriter kind of almost makes it not even fair, but he never has to worry about having well written songs.  This album is much more subdued and doesn’t feature as many raunchy tracks as some of his previous albums but he more than makes up for that with tracks that are so full of truth you can’t help but nod your head in agreement to a lot of the lyrics. So this CD is definitely worth going to pick up, Neyo doesn’t disappoint.


  1. neo says:

    hey neyo just wana let u know that i am your no1 fan, i have pictures of you all over mu bedroom

  2. ALFREDO says:

    I want to know if ne-yo have a girl friend

  3. birim says:

    ne yo is the best R&B singer i have ever seen

  4. birim says:

    and i hope i will be a singer too and i want work with him……….maybe

  5. birim says:

    ..and i hope i will be a singer too and i want to work with him………maybe

  6. natalia says:

    essi ai e foda ♥

  7. come on neyo u rock,ilike your dressing

  8. nanah says:

    ne-yo !!!each tym i hear your voice or see ur picture i go weak.i can’t explain what your rock man keep it up n the style its o super

  9. nanah says:

    ne-yo !!!each tym i hear your voice or see ur picture i go weak.i can’t explain what.u rock man keep it up n the style its o super

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