Album Review: Jazmine Sullivan – Fearless

You may not know the name but you definitely have heard her hit single “Need U Bad” which has been a staple on radio stations all over the country ever since she dropped it. After what has been a very long road for this young artist, she finally dropped her debut album “Fearless” today.

Fearless in stores now!!

Back in my “Who’s Next” on her I told you that she was hot and this album proves it. This album is probably one of the most ambitious debuts I have heard in a while. The album covers several different sounds and genres and though I commend her for trying to show such a diverse musical range it does at some points take away from the overall cohesiveness of the album.

Jazmine comes out swinging on the first track “Bust Your Windows” and well.. its not to hard to figure out what this song is about. On this track she tells you why she is not a woman to be played with. The song has a very old school jazz feel to it with a rather slow pace and some nice horns in the background. I am positive that the ladies will love this one as it will probably remind them of Rihanna’s “Breaking Dishes”, and the fellas might be looking at ya’ll funny when they see you jamming to this, especially when they really listen to the words. Next, we skip over “Need U Bad”, while I love this song we have heard it a million times already.

She is about to take the industry by storm, this year’s Jennifer Hudson

The next standout on this album is “Lions, Tigers, and Bears” and no you are not alone when you are confused by the title. Once you hear the song it makes perfect since. This song is a beautiful ballad where she just gives it to you from way down deep in her soul. It pretty much talks about how easy it can be to not really be afraid of the things most people think you should be, but to be deathly afraid of opening yourself up wide enough to really love someone. This is definitely one of my favorites on the album and one of the strongest songs on this 12 track release.  On “Call Me Guilty”, we hear Jazmine take on the role of an abused women who has reached a crossroads and pondering what to do. I was raised by a house full of women and so this song really speaks to me because I know a lot of females who’s man puts his hand on them and they stay and make excuses for him, I won’t go into that but I will just say listen to the track.

There are several standout tracks and I won’t spoil it so the last song I want to note is “In Love With Another Man”. This is another home run, her voice is simply beautiful. As a guy, this is the last thing you would ever want to hear from a woman, but if she sung it this beautiful you might not feel as bad lol. In any case, she really explains a topic that confuses men and woman alike.

As I said you will probably get the feeling that this album is all over the place as far as the musical inspiration but she is a new artist that is trying to find “her” sound.  On the flipside there is definitely something for everyone on this album. This album officially serves notice to current female artist that Jazmine Sullivan is here and with the support of the likes of Missy Elliot and Stevie Wonder it looks like she will be here for a while, but why don’t you decide for yourself?

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