Album Review: T.I. – Paper Trail

tipapertrailcoverThe king of the south is back at again and he is not playing. “Paper Trail” is T.I.’s sixth studio album and possibly his best since his debut “I’m Serious”. The album is entitled “Paper Trail” in reference to the fact that this is the first time he has written his lyrics down since “I’m Serious”, after his debut album he had adopted the popular trend of not writing his lyrics down in the model of such great rappers as Biggie and Jay-Z.

The album kicks of with the blistering “56 Barz”, a hot track that finds T.I. in rare form. This track is just T.I. spitting for about 3 minutes with no hook, thus the name. Next, he kills on it “I’m Illy” letting everybody know that in his own words he “runs the city”. The next track is one of my personal favorites and a highlight of the album. “Ready for Whatever” is one of the realist tracks I have ever heard T.I. spit. On this tracks he makes no excuses about the decisions that got him into his current predicament, but he does give everyone a very clear view into his thoughts and state of mind at the time the incident occurred. I mean as he explains the fact that one of his best friends was killed, he was fearing for his own life and the life of his family, you can see how it was easy for him to go back to what he knows as a means to protect them.

I also really like “Live Your Life f/Rihanna”, this track basically reminds us to be very thankful for the things that we have. The song is anthem for all those people who don’t really pay attention to what anyone else has to say but rather does what they have to do to get what they need to get done.


The KING is back!!

The album has a lot of standout tracks and if you haven’t gone out and got it already you betta get there homie. T.I. may be going away for a little while but he has definitely left us something hot to ride to while he is gone, the King of the South doesn’t seem like is willing to concede his throne any time soon.

My Favorite Tracks:

  1. Ready for Whatever
  2. Live Your Life f/Rihanna
  3. My Life, Your Entertainment f/Usher
  4. What’s Up, What’s Haapnin (now what you got to say Shawty Lo)
  5. You Ain’t Missing Nothing
  6. Dead and Gone f/Justin Timberlake

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