Movie Review: 007: Quantum of Solace

James Bond is back and with an even bigger chip on his shoulder than last time. Daniel Craig reprises the role of everybody’s favorite British super agent. From start to finish, Quantum of Solace is a heart pounding, adrenaline fueled rush.


The movie is action packed in fact that it will have your brain straining to keep up. I think the thing that stands out about Daniel Craig’s James Bond is that he is much more physical, he is running and jumping and tackling guys all over the place. It seems that Bond hasn’t quite gained that level of suaveness that we have come to know and love in other films but he is getting there. Each Bond has had his own swagger and while most people feel that Sean Connery portrayed him best, Craig just may give him a run for his money or at least carve out a nice niche of his own.

The movie takes place essentially where Casino Royale ends as Bond goes a bit rogue and on a journey to find out exactly why the love of his life, Vesper, betrayed him. The body count in this movie is high as Bond hasn’t yet really learned the art of interrogation. On his journey he discovers a secret organization, Quantum, that seems to have people in just about every place imaginable and I do mean every place. While by the end of the movie Bond has come to grips with why Vesper really did what she did and saves the day, the overarching question of what is Quantum and how powerful they really are doesn’t even really get dug into, fodder for the next Bond film no doubt.


This isn't your mother's 007.

In looking at some of the reviews that haven’t been so nice, I will say that Quantum of Solace is a solid film and shows the growth of a double 0 as they call them. I really enjoyed the movie and am more than happy to have plopped my hard earn money down to have seen it.

On a side note, there is speculation as to whether or not Daniel Craig will reprise his role in the next Bond film citing the extreme physicality of the last two films and the toll that it has taken on his body. Craig turned 40 earlier this year and may want to do some less physically demanding roles as well as void being type cast. Though it must be stated that in October 2007 he signed on to play James Bond in four more films after Casino Royale, so that would mean he still has three to go after this last one so maybe it is just that. Averaging two years between movies, that would put Craig playing Bond till he is almost 50, if they stay on the two year cycle and I would expect that at that point the action would become a little less physical. Check out my review of the video game of the same name here.


  1. frandy barathii says:

    After die another day it is the best movie I ever watch. The cars and the weapons used by the bond were super cool. I need to see it for several times. So much action and adventure also did not feel the difference of the actor too. I think it is because the stronger appearance of the bond culture a url allows me to enjoy it glad to see movies like this.

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