WE DID IT!!, Robert Irvine is back on Dinner Impossible!!

This just shows that we the fans can make a difference. I had seen a couple of articles speculating that Robert was coming back, but I had to go to the source himself and what do you know its true. Robert confirmed for me today that is in fact true, he will be back hosting Dinner Impossible next season.


Robert Irvine has confirmed to me that he is coming back to Dinner Impossible next season.

He wanted me thank all of you for your love and support and everybody who emailed and wrote Food Network and Scripps Network on his behalf.

You know when I first wrote the original post I had no idea that it would turn into all of this, that I would actually get to correspond with the real Robert Irvine, or that I would get emails from the president of Food Network, Brooke Johnson herself but it has all happened.

I think that what this goes to show is that we are ALL human and sometimes we might not make the best decisions and we all make mistakes but I believe that everyone deserves a second chance and it is what you do with that chance that will ultimately define you. Robert has shown a great deal of humbleness and integrity throughout all of this and Food Network has shown that they are not afraid to give someone a second chance when they truly deserve it.

A lot of people who responded didn’t have the nicest things to say about Michael Symon and I would like to reiterate that personally I have nothing against him and think that he is an excellent chef but there can ever only be one true host of Dinner Impossible and his name is Robert Irvine. If he is not hosting it, then it shouldn’t be on TV.

Once again it is true, Robert Irvine is coming back to Dinner Impossible next season and I will try and get more details from him about exactly when the new episodes will start airing and perhaps even what they will be about. Thanks to everyone that supported this movement, the fans can make a difference.


  1. Danny Chang says:

    Thsi is awesome. This actually made my day.

  2. Sabrina Tucker says:

    YAY YAY YAY!!! HA HA I’M SOOOOOO HAPPY! Now when the new season comes I can sit back and enjoy watching Robert’s shirt get tighter and tighter while he gets annoyed over all those new missions. (hey what can I say a dude who could probably bench press my weight and whip up a dish that would just melt in your mouth…that’s what I call a dinner and
    a show!!!

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