Never Spend Hours Reinstalling Computer Drivers Again!!

drivermaxlogoSo it’s been a minute since I blogged here but I am back and with a goodie. I actually thought I had blogged about this before but it was on my work blog and not this one. So anyone who has ever had there computer hard drive go blah or fixes computers knows that getting the computer back in working order is really as easy as reinstalling the operating system that can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and really isn’t that difficult. But I will tell you what is difficult and often very time consuming and that is FINDING and reinstalling the drivers. Drivers are on of those things that you never really notice until you don’t have them. You don’t notice them when you buy the computer because they have already been loaded for you, but a lot of times once you rebuild a machine even if you have the recovery disc its a pain in the you know what.

Never more I say. A few years back I found a tool that has caused me to never have this problem again. Once I spent 8 hours finding and installing drivers for a friend’s machine and at that moment I said never again. I went on search of something that would ease this effort and I found it. I tried it out on my machines and sure enough it did what it said it would do.

The tool said that it could caputure every driver on the machine and save them to a folder or compressed folder. It then said you could rebuild that machine, reinstall the application, import the folder with the drivers and in less than 6 minutes it would reinstall all the drivers and guess what… it works like a charm. Anyone in IT will really appreciate the kind of time this could save, but even DIY’s will love this tool. And since I first came across they have made some major improvements, the biggest being that when I first started using it, it could also tell you which drivers were out of date which was helpful but it couldn’t do anything about it or point you to the needed driver. Bummer right, but get what now it does that too for most of the drivers you will ever need, it will point you to it, download it, and install it. So by now you are like it doesn’t get any sweeter than this right, wrong. You get all the stuff I just said and the tool is absolutely FREE. The only downside is that there are a few adds but for the time this thing saves you, trust me its well worth the minor annoyance.

The great tool that I am talking about is none other than Drivermax. Drivermax is simply a must have for any computer repair professional or just the average person who likes to tinker. If you can learn how to use your recovery disc that comes with your computer and this program you can save yourself a lot of money that you might otherwise give to those guys at Best Buy. A little known secret is that most computer repair places will simply reinstall your OS and that fixes any problem short of hard drive failure. Anyway, I’m a little of topic now, so what your really want to know is where to get it. You can download Drivermax from  here. Enjoy.


  1. luke says:

    Two things I don’t like about Drivermax:
    1) after I signed up with them, I got tons of spam.
    2) the restore didn’t work because I changed my system configuration.

    So… I’ve heard that there’s a free product out of India that does driver backup. Don’t know the name but it might be worth checking out. I’ve also used RadarSync for that — it does driver update, and has a feature that lets you save your drivers as an online backup.

    • thatruth2006 says:

      I will give you that they do spam you a lot to a certain degree, but you can just route that email to junk folder so you don’t have to deal with it. For the convenience it provides, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t deal with a little spam. I don’t understand what you mean about the restore didn’t work because you changed your system configuration, its up to you to run Drivermax anytime you make any major system changes. As long as you do that, it will work fine. Drivermax also allows you to save your drivers as an online backup but I don’t recommend that because usually you want to get those drivers back ASAP. Never heard of used Radarsync, but from what I understand does some different things and probably is really up to the user to determine if it’s what’s best for them, but good info.

  2. RaiulBaztepo says:

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