Album Review: JadaKiss: The Last Kiss

Jada is back with his third solo album entitled “The Last Kiss” and he is taking no prisoners. The album has been five years in the making and apparently things do get better with time. Before I get into the review of the album I just want to say that if you haven’t listened to Jadakiss like that, you need to. The dude is SO underrated but the truth is that he could probably eat your favorite rapper for lunch and not even get indigestion. He is as lyrically versatile as anyone to ever spit and what makes that even more impressive is that all his rhymes actually make since, I mean like when he says something witty. Basically, Jada don’t spit to spit, he drops knowledge. Anyway, most times when people talk about the hottest rappers in the game, you hardly hear them mention Jada, but right now he is definitely in my top five mc’s breathing along with Jay, T.I., Weezy, and Kanye. Sorry Jeezy.

Now back to the album, first off I want to say thanks to kiss for giving us 18 tracks, I mean these days most stop at 14 or 15, I mean what’s all that about? Jada hits you hard right out you the gate on the second track with the club banger “Can’t Stop Me” f/ Ayanna Irish. This track is kind of feel good point for the summer basically saying that if you stay focus nobody can stop and that ain’t nothing but the truth. The next track “Who’s Real” f/Swizz Beatz is let’s just say underwhelming but not for Jada’s lack of hot rhymes but rather for Swizz’s less than stellar beat, I mean all his beats are starting to sound the same, listen to it and you will get what I mean. The next highlight of the album is “Something Else” f/Young Jeezy, a very nice track if I do say so myself and the remix and number 17 is even hotter, I can already see people bumping in their car all summer long.  The track before this one “Grind Hard” deserves note because Mary J. Blige is on the hook but it just never really comes together the way you think it will.

After a few forgettable track, two to be exact this is where ” The Last Kiss” really hits its stride. It starts with ” What If” f/Nas which has Kiss spitting such thought provoking lyrics as:

“What if Peyton was fighting dogs instead of Mike Vick/ What if Arnold woulda just let Tookie get life?/ What if B.I.G. missed the party, what if ‘Pac missed the fight?


What if Shyne beat the case?/What if Diddy did a dime flat?/What if Nelson Mandela could give his time back?/ What if Malcolm was silent?/What if Martin was violent?/What if you could really “sneak an uzi on the island”?/..Yeah/What if I made you kiss the niner?/What if a brick was only just a misdemeanor?/What if Manhattan was hit by Hurricane Katrina? What if a black man was really controlling Fema?”

jadakiss2While you will definitely like the song, you will feel like you have heard it before and that’s because it is kinda of like “Why II”, but a great track none the less.  Next comes one of the real highlights of the album “Things I’ve Been Through” which features a banging sample of Luther Vandross’s “Promise Me”. The track basically talks about all the things that he has been through to get where he is, its a very raw and candid track that really let’s you into the who the man is behind the persona. Directly following that is another one of my favorites, “I Tried” f/ Avery Storm. “I Tried” is a track that a lot of people will relate to, discussing all of life’s ups and downs but still no matter what at the end of the day win, lose or draw you can say you tried and that’s all any of us can really do. After skipping the next track it brings us to a Jadakiss and Jazmine Sullivan collabo. “Smoking Gun” is a song about lost innocence and the trials and tribulations that come with that. Everyone knows that I am partial to J-Sullivan, but she does take this track to another level with her powerful vocal support on the hook, taking an already emotionally charged track and amping it up. To me the song is the in the same spirit as the late great Tupac Shakur’s “Brenda’s Got A Baby”.

In closing out the review I just want to mention a few more tracks, including the single “By My Side” f/ Neyo which is hot and “Letter to B.I.G.” f/Faith Evans. “Letter to B.I.G. is a raw, humbled and unfiltered conversation between Jada and his late friend the Notorious B.I.G. During their time on Bad Boy, it’s apparent that they become close and you can tell through his words how much Jada admired and respected B.I.G. It’s not he last track on the album but it is a fitting close to what I think is an excellent album. Lot’s of folks will be excited at the last track “Death Wish” because it features Weezy but I will just say that I was a little disappointed in Weezy on this one. While I am sure that this will be in the Top 10 rap albums of the year, I am almost positive it won’t sell like it and that is a shame. For some reason, Jada just don’t move the kind of units his talent seems to warrant and I doubt that will change. It’s hard to understand because he makes more commercially appealing records than Nas and is one of the few rappers to be pretty much keeping his nose clean. If you are in dire need of some new tunes for you car stereo as I was, then pick up “The Last Kiss” by Jadakiss and just wallow in his lyrical genius.

Note to Jada fans:

As “The Last Kiss” might lead some to believe that it could be Jadakiss’ final album, he has already stated that he has no plans to retire anytime soon and explained the meaning behind the album’s title.

Some people asked me if this was my last album, nah, it’s just the first album was Kiss tha Game Goodbye, the second album was The Kiss of Death, so this one is The Last Kiss; it’s the closing of a trilogy. This is the last time the word “Kiss” is going to be in any of my album titles.


  1. Michelle says:

    Love your blog. This CD is really hot. I really like the songs with just Kiss on them, some of the others were a little disappointing but the MJB track is growing on me.

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