Expect More AT&T Android Based Devices

With the impending rumored released of the Verizon iPhone, where does that leave AT&T? I’ll tell you where, with more Android based devices. It only makes sense. In the U.S., while AT&T has been the only iPhone carrier, the other carriers have embraced the Android OS, and I’m sure we all know how well Android has worked out. This week at CES, AT&T unveiled several Android devices that will be launching, and added that 12 new Android devices will be launched this year. Soon all carriers will have equal phones on all OS’s with comparable networks! This can only mean good news for the consumer. With that said, we’re happy to see the move and push for more Android devices at AT&T!


  1. Androidoverload says:

    I like Android, I think it’s a great OS but there are just too many durn devices to choose from and with all the handset makers tweaking Android its just getting out of control. Google needs to rein everybody back in and soon.

  2. Windows says:

    I expect more Android devices, but I also expect more Windows based devices. AT&T has to diversify

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