Season 3 Of Jersey Shore Premieres As MTV’s Highest Rated Series Telecast Ever

MTV premiered the third season of the wildly successful series “Jersey Shore” this week to a record-breaking audience.  Already MTV’s most watched series ever, “Jersey Shore” returned to the television landscape and picked up where it left off with all the drama, passion and GTL.


It Seems America Just Can't Get Enough Of Them

The Season 3 premiere was watched by over eight million people and while I am not personally a fan of the show number don’t lie. The show is amazingly popular with the 12-34 crowd (it brought in more viewers than any broadcast & cable television show this season in that age range) which is an odd cross section but a valuable one for advertisers and that’s what is going to keep this show going, as a society we love drama, specifically other people’s drama. At least that’s what I think, why do you think the show is SO popular?

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  1. JerseyStayAtTheShore says:

    This show is stupid, I don’t know why people watch. Come to think of it I do know why they watch, its because we like to see people make a fool of themselves as long as its not us.

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