Exclusive No More, Verizon Lands The iPhone

Could it finally be happening after all this time? Yep, according to the Wall Street Journal Verizon will make the announcement Tuesday at an event in New York City. This will mark the first time since the iPhone revolutionized the mobile phone industry that its users will have the ability to choose their carrier and many believe this will open up additional and perhaps more favorable pricing options.


For years AT&T has been looking stronger than it really is and was being propped up by iPhone sales, well no longer. No we are really going to see what AT&T is made of and I guess we’ll find get to answer the question of whether Verizon’s CDMA network will fare any better in support of the iPhone. In case you were wondering, this pretty much ends just about any chance of smaller players like Sprint Nextel or T-Mobile getting the iPhone any time soon as well.

According to the report, it looks like the iPhone will be in Verizon stores around the end of this month, which falls pretty much in line with the reports that we are hearing that Apple is already blacking out vacation around the 27th of this month which is more than likely to support the launch. For those of you hoping for an LTE version of the phone you will be disappointed as its looking likely that the Verizon iPhone will be very similar to the iPhone 4 just designed to run on Verizon’s CDMA network according to folks in the know.

So who’s picking up a Verizon iPhone later this month? As an HTC Incredible owner I really want to hear from you guys. I think we would all agree that he Incredible is the best phone out on Verizon right now, how many of you are looking to trade in your Incredible in favor of an iPhone? Anyone out their with more info on this, please drop me a line at renzo@zoknowsgaming.com

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