Kardashians Sued For Pulling Out Of Kardashian Kard Deal

No deed goes unpunished, especially if you are a Kardashian. A couple weeks back you will remember that it was big news that their Kardashians were launching a branded Mastercard debit card (the Kardashian Kard) which at the time didn’t see that unusual, they were simply expanding their brand. At the time the girls seemed very excited, but it seems that they didn’t quite read all the fine print and that will get you every time. The issues stems from the fact that the girls pulled their endorsement of the card after reports that the card had tons of well hidden and apparently costly fees associated with it.


We bet the Kardashians will be more careful with the products they endorse from now on

In response to the girls pulling their endorsement, the actual company behind the card Revenue Resource Group (RRG), not Mastercard, filed suit against Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, their mom Kris and their company Dash Dolls for $75 million dollars. RRG is claiming breach of contract and the Kardashians are saying that they were misled by the company and would never support such business practices.

The Kardashian sisters get a lot of bad press, but I actually applaud this move. I am all for honoring contracts, but when a company doesn’t disclose all the details as it appears was the case here then you have to do what is right. Lots of younger girls in particular look up to the Kardashian sisters and this is definitely not the message they want to send. Personally, I don’t think RRG has much of a case if the Kardashians can prove that they were not adequately made aware as to the details and fees behind the card. We bet that the Kardashians will read fine print much more carefully the next time they license their names and brands for anything.  In any event, this should be interesting to watch as the case is scheduled for a May 2 hearing. So what do you think folks, did the Kardashians do the right thing? Should they have honored their contract?

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  1. dashfans says:

    I think the Kardashians got it right on this one, they made a deal and found out it wasn’t what they thought and they pulled out of it. If you don’t stand for something, no matter how small you will fall for anything.

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