Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business The Album Dropping In March, Whole Family On The Album

These Norwoods stay working and you gotta appreciate that.  Brandy and Ray J are no strangers to the studio, but this time whole family is getting on the action when they release Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business The Album. Brandy, Ray J, Sonja and Willie Norwood will release their first album together on SRR (Saguaro Road Rhythm) Records in March 2011. The album is both an intimate and hit-bound collection of duets, collaborations and solo performances, marking the first time the entire family has ever collaborated together in the studio. The CD’s first single, “Talk To Me,” was released in December, just as VH1 began airing a new season of Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business (Sundays, 11pm ET/PT, 10pm CT).  I am going to hold off snap judging this one until I hear a few more of the songs, I mean Brandy used to be a real music superstar and Ray J can actually sing when he focuses so it might not be bad. While I am sure their mom and dad get in the act a bit, you can bet that the album is a heavy dose of Brandy and Ray J.


The Norwoods are about they money, yall betta act like you know

Already making its way up the charts, the first single off the album is a sweeping, powerful ballad that combines Brandy’s soaring voice and the force of Ray J’s R&B stylings with Willie Norwood’s sweetly soulful vocals.  Other standout tracks on the disc include “Lifeguard” and “Turnin’ Me On,” both produced and written by The Jam (Mike Mani and Jordan Omley), the hitmaking duo who have worked with Leona Lewis, Santana and JoJo.

What do ya’ll think, will it be worth buying?

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