Gucci Mane Tattoos Giant Ice Cream Cone On His Face, What Else Is There To Say?

gucciicecreamtatooWe are not kidding, though we wish we were. Many of you have heard about Gucci’s legal troubles and then the fact that he started bugging and they put him in the loony bin for a psych  evaluation. At the time most of us thought it was just an act to be able to get away from having to go to real jail and serve his sentence in a low security mental hospital. Yeah, maybe we were wrong.

When I first saw this I thought is was joke, like a good Photoshop job but it isn’t, sadly it isn’t. Upon being released from Atlanta’s Anchor Hospital,  Gucci Mane decided  that he just had to run out and get a giant ice cream cone tattoo on his face. Burr? This is way past an act ya’ll, I think Gucci might really need help, he might have lost it. Tattooing your face is NEVER a good idea, ask Mike Tyson. So we only got one question for ya’ll, what the hell is wrong with Gucci? Is he really losing it? Or is he just this eccentric?


Didn't Work For Mike Either

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