Nintendo Had Top 2 Selling Video Game Systems Of 2010

Nintendo finished 2010 with the two top-selling video game systems in the United States. The Nintendo DS™ family of systems finished in first place with more than 8.5 million sold in 2010, while the Wii™ system topped all home consoles with more than 7 million sold, according to the NPD Group, which tracks video game industry sales in the United States. Nintendo is on a roll, but I gotta believe that they really have to hit big with the 3DS because even with massive Wii sales in 2010, that console is going downhill fast and the cheaper price point isn’t enough to drive it anymore.

Nintendo 3DS

“Of the quarter billion hardware systems sold in the United States during the past 10 years, Nintendo sold more than half. We look forward to bringing fun new experiences to consumers when Nintendo 3DS launches in March.”

Nintendo sold more than 2.5 million Nintendo DS systems and more than 2.3 million Wii systems in December alone, bringing their lifetime U.S. sales totals to more than 47 million and more than 34 million, respectively. With the new Nintendo 3DS™ system set to launch in the United States in March, Nintendo has strong momentum heading into 2011. Nintendo 3DS lets users view 3D images without the need for special glasses. Is this Nintendo’s last hooray?

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