Verizon iPhone To Pull 26% Of AT&T iPhone Customers, Survey Results

A recent survey by ChangeWave showed that 26% of iPhone owners who are on AT&T would switch to Verizon Wireless if they began offering the iPhone. In total for AT&T, 16% said they would leave the carrier for Verizon when it happened. This is compared to 10% of Sprint’s customers and 15% of T-Mobile’s (in this survey, 4% of Verizon customers planned to switch to another carrier). Reading the rest of results deliver the same news for AT&T as we all expected – while not all users will switch, a large amount will (large being relative). Check out one of the charts below as well as the source link for more information about the “switch”. Oh, and as we all know, VERIZON HAS THE IPHONE!

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