NVIDIA’s GPU Settlement, File Claims Now For Repair, & Reimbursement

If you are the owner of an old PC (Dell, HP, ASUS, Compaq, etc.) or Mac (Apple) that has or had a defective NVIDIA GPU, listen up. NVIDIA, who reached a settlement last year, is now taking in claims from consumers. Awarded claims to individuals will include reimbursements, repairs, refunds for components already replaced, and even replacements units to consumers. However, you have to get your claims in quickly. The company has designated a website (link below) for these claims until March 14th. So get your claim in, and let everyone know about this information. For your convenience, the claim link and NVIDIA’s site to determine if your computer is affected are below.

NVIDIA’S Affected Models

File A Claim – NVIDIA’s GPU Settlement

NVIDIA GPU Litigation –Homepage

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