Lebron James Launching Animated Web Series Called “The Lebrons”

Say what you want to about Lebron James, whether you didn’t like the way he handled “The Decision” or you just think he’s arrogant, what you can’t say is that he is stupid. The young man understands the power of his brand and capitalizing on it while he’s at his most marketable. Lebron seems to understand what the greats before him didn’t understand and that is that once you can’t run and jump like you used to, then you are of no use to them anymore. The only other basketball players I can think of that really learned this lesson thus far is Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.


LeBron James through his production company, Spring Hill Productions, and Believe Entertainment Group today announced they will launch a new, original animated series exclusively for the Web entitled “The LeBrons,” a family entertainment show designed to provide positive messages to today’s youth. A portion of proceeds from the series will be used for the purchase of HP computers that will be donated to Boys & Girls Clubs of America in support of its education initiatives.  Believe Entertainment Group, a New York-based digital entertainment company, will finance, sell and distribute the 10-episode digital series and partner with LeBron James and Spring Hill Productions on sales and all business efforts for the show. “The LeBrons” will live on a YouTube channel at youtube.com/thelebrons.  The idea for the creation of the show began with a series of Nike television commercials introducing four characters that represent four different sides of LeBron James’ personality: KID, WISE, BUSINESS and ATHLETE. LeBron decided to create the new series loosely based on these characters, told through the point of view of KID, that will take place in Akron, OH, LeBron’s hometown. Physical production for “The LeBrons” will be managed by Dru Dog Productions, and the show is slated to launch in early 2011.

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