Volt Solar Charger Set To Take On mophie As Your Go-To iPhone Battery Life Extender

GoSolarUSA just announced today that the company expects the first Volt Solar Chargers to hit American shores next week. GoSolarUSA President and CEO Tyson Rohde said Tuesday that he expects a shipment of Volt demonstration units to arrive from the manufacturers in Shenzhen, China, by the end of next week. These devices will be the first of the new solar-powered Volt battery packs to reach North America. At this point since we haven’t actually had a chance to test out the Volt Solar Charger its hard for us to say too much about it, but if it works as advertised and comes in at less than the $99 price tag for the mophie, which currently leads this space then it might be worth a look.


The Volt Solar Charger is an external battery pack that attaches to the iPhone and extends its battery life using a top-of-the-line, built-in solar panel. The Volt is capable of harvesting solar energy to charge all versions of the Apple iPhone with the same device. By capturing free, renewable solar power, the Volt recharges the iPhone’s battery first before charging its own internal battery, nearly doubling the smartphone’s talk time.

The Volt includes a larger battery than many competitors and is the only iPhone battery pack known to the company to include a reception corrector. In order to charge the Volt Solar Charger after sunset, a USB cable will also be included with the device. Manufactured in a variety of colors, the Volt will soon go on sale in the US and include a one-year warranty.

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