Kim, Kourtney, And Khloe Launch The Kardashian Glam Pack By Silly Bandz

kardashiansillyglamSilly Bandz, is teaming up with everybody’s favorite sisters, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian to launch their most anticipated pack to date, the “Kardashian Glam” pack. The girls always stay working and I respect that, but let’s just hope that this works out better than their last business deal.

The Kardashian Glam pack is a 24-piece set, including two each of 12 new shapes, specifically designed to represent each of the sisters and their varying personalities. The collection features individual silhouettes of each girl with her name, the Dash logo, kiss lips, a perfume bottle, the word “glam”, the letter “K” and must have accessories such as sunglasses, a high heel, a diamond ring and a purse.

The “Kardashian Glam” Silly Bandz set is available for purchase now at for $5.95 and will be available in stores soon.

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