UberTwitter Gets Acquired By Postup, Postup Then Renames Itself UberMedia

PostUp has announced that it has acquired UberTwitter, the leading Twitter client on the BlackBerry platform. PostUp also announced that it is changing its company name to UberMedia.


“Twitter has rapidly grown to be the most significant real-time communications medium on the planet,” said Bill Gross, CEO of UberMedia. “Our goal is to be the best partner to Twitter in enhancing the Twitter ecosystem, and to provide innovative ways for Twitter users to share and consume content.”

It’s funny that UberMedia talks about partnering with Twitter when they are building a portfolio of applications that compete directly with the applications that Twitter itself produces. When I had a Blackberry, UberTwitter was my go to Twitter app of choice and I hear that UberMedia’s Twitdroyd is quite the good application itself. UberMedia also owns Echofon, so chances are that most of you probably use one of their apps. What your favorite Twitter app?

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