Apple’s Next Product: Not The iPad, iPhone, Mac, or iPod

Apple really has us all wrapped up in their releases. Right now, we’re all anticipating the Apple iPad 2, the Verizon iPhone, the iPhone 5, and the other Apple products that make their yearly cycles. That just goes to show, if you make good products, people will always want them. So what will Apple’s next product be?

We’ve already seen how Apple thinks and told us how a smartphone & tablet should be. Huge profits and sales later, many would AGREE that Apple was right! Many would also agree that whatever Apple’s next product is, the success would be the same. So we want to know what you think the next Apple product should be. The Apple iCar, an Apple gaming console, or Apple iWater, etc.? Whatever it is, let us know what you want it to be! Totally for the Apple diehards!


  1. kels says:

    I want the iPhone 5 to be bigger I want them to put a button on the side so u can take a picture easier cause it’s to hard to take a picture on the iPhones I also really want the new iPhone 5 to have flash soo we all can surf everything like u can on ur computer if u was to ask all the customers if they think flash should be on the iPhone 110% and over would say yes and I think Steve jobs should give the customers what we want we are buying the product and I think we should have everything we want I love the iPhone but the htc evo is a good phone and I like it to I left sprint and went to att to get an iPhone and att service sucks network is horrible it’s alot of downfalls but hey people love apple products their computers are number 1 in my book the best greatest ever made but I want the new iPhone 5 to especially have flash and put a button on the side to snap pictures to make it easier it’s to hard to take a picture I feel like I’m about to break my wrist lmao Lol send this to the community let’s see the response!!!!

    • spockman says:

      You can hope and ask all you want but as long as apple is selling products they will NEVER give people everything they want. If they did this there would be nothing more for they YEARLY costumers to come back to. Apple has a big head right now. Ill admit they make good looking computer that function well but that will only last as long as they have a minority in the market. Apple holds between 10 and 20 percent of the computer market. If you wrote code to steal information why would you write if for such a small clientele? once apple gets to 40 or 50 percent of the market your going to see many people have heavy damage to their macs. I have yet to see ONE thing a mac can do that i cant do on my pc for a fraction of the price.

  2. Flytrap says:

    Sounds to me like you probably want your next iPhone to be made by HTC, Samsung or Motorola… and to run the Android operating system.

    Well I have news for you buddy… It already exists. Of course it is not called the iPhone, and no, you cannot order it from Apple (bugger) but Verizon, AT&T and Sprint will be happy to offer you an IPhone-like phone with all the features you want… made by HTC, Samsung or Motorola.

    I, on the other hand, want my iPhone fairly minimalist. I like a device tha fits neatly into the palm of my hands, my shirt pocket (without pulling my shirt down) with a little button clutter as possible.

  3. Hassan-Dubai says:

    I think the next thing Apple should go for is a digital camera, so far they have a lot of experience with iPhones cameras, photo editing and organizing software like iPhoto and Aperture, so creating a point and shoot wifi camera should not be so hard.
    However I don’t know how feasible is this for them but I think it’s gonna be the next big thing from Apple.

  4. phdtop says:

    Apple’s next great product should be: The Apple TV Remote.

    This is not a remote for the Apple TV. It will be a universal TV remote control that will let me, with a single touch, tell my TV to turn on, my DVR to turn on, my VCR to turn off…

    Or, with a different single touch, set up everything to record from my DVR to my DVD-R disc.

    I hear that there’s something called a Harmony remote that does this… but it’s poorly designed and difficult to use. Ditto for the 3 or 4 things that plug into an iPhone and supposedly make this kind of thing easy. Wrong. Apple needs to redefine the entire category, just as it did with the iPhone.

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