NFL Players Association Reaches Out To Fans To Try And “Block The Lockout”

As we prepare for the Pro Bowl this weekend and the Super Bowl next weekend, every football fan in the country is a bit uneasy because of the looming lockout. At this point it seems the players and owners are too far apart to avoid it, but that’s not stopping the NFLPA from trying. This deal is complicated and to be honest I kind of think I am on the players side, I mean never mind the fact that all of them are rich, when they step out on the field they put everything on the line for our entertainment. Forget how much money they make and see this for what it is, a labor dispute and the players are fighting the same way any of us would. If you want football next year, sign that petition.

As it stand the NFL owners are preparing to lock out players and fans from their game starting in March. The owners say they are losing money but have not opened their books. The players want to play and the fans want to see them play. So, why won’t the Owners take a Lockout off the table? Do your part as a fan and help Block the Lockout. The union is unveiling 30 – and 60-second spots entitled “Let Us Play,” in which players and fans alike intone “Let us play” and “Let them play.” The spots have no other dialogue and depict a padlock of a chain-link fence and images from an empty football stadium.

Players and fans began using #LetUsPlay on Jan. 18, when the Twitter hashtag was one of the world’s top-four trending topics. The NFLPA is using @NFLLockout on Twitter and NFLLockout on Facebook as it’s Block the Lockout social media arms.

To sign the Block the Lockout Petition and for more information, please visit

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  1. Jerry Lowery says:

    Fans responsible for NFL 100%, owners 0%.
    Fans get 12% of Super Bowl tickets, celebrites get 88%.
    Owners plan to start pay-for-view leaving most arm-chair-fans out in the cold.
    Owners now show lots of games on the NFL Network which million of viewers don’t have.
    Owners are allowed to move teams form town to town without concern for the fans.
    Fans pay 1000% above the norm for concessions at arenas.
    Let the owners know your concern. Unite now. Join the new, not-for-profit, organization “The NFL Fans Association” Help leave message.

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