Firefox 4 Beta For Android And Maemo Released, Video Demo

Mozilla has released its’ latest beta for Firefox browser for Android and Nokia Maemo platforms. This release for Firefox 4 beta, which is cited as “the fastest performing Firefox 4 Beta for mobile yet”, brings a host of improvements for users looking for a different browsing experience. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Faster Start-up, Page Load Ties, & Responsiveness To Panning And Zooming
  • More Than 100 Firefox Add-ons
  • Faster Browser Than The Stock Android Browser
  • Three Times Faster On Kraken
  • 2X As Fast on SunSpider
  • Slightly Faster On V8
  • Increased Stability
  • Reduced Installation Memory Usage
  • Improved Readability With Zooming
  • Improved Keyboard

So if you are looking for a new browser or just want to try something new, the latest Firefox 4 Beta might be a good choice. Android users can hit up the Android Market, or join Nokia Maemo users and use this link. BTW, if you need a a demo of the browser, check out the video below. After you’ve tried it, come back and let us know how good it is.

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