GoDaddy Unveils New Girl.. Joan Rivers

Brr?? That’s what we said. GoDaddy revealed that Iconic comedienne Joan Rivers was indeed the new face of Nobody saw this came as online guesses about the new Go Daddy Girl’s identity had ranged from Kim Kardashian, to Sophia Vergara and Britney Spears. The 77-year-old Hollywood icon was described as the Betty White of this year’s Super Bowl and was a trending topic on Twitter almost immediately.


As is Go Daddy tradition, the newest spokesperson looked smoking hot. Yes, it’s Joan’s iconic face and voice. The rest is courtesy of a body double and a little Internet “magic” to reinforce the idea you can reinvent yourself online – because anything is possible with a .CO domain name. .CO, yes – .CO, not .COM – is billed as the Internet’s hottest new domain name extension. Almost immediately, GoDaddy recorded a huge uptick in .CO domain name registrations.

Personally, as far as registering domains and managing them I think GoDaddy is a solid a choice as any but when it comes to hosting they are another story. GoDaddy always manages to leave people talking and this year was no different. If you haven’t seen the ads already, jump on over to and check them out.

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