First Shoe Ever Banned By NBA Gets Special Edition, Concept 1 Red BANNED Edition

concept-1-red-banned-editionWhat if the banned Athletic Propulsion Labs® Concept 1 shoes were allowed in the NBA Dunk contest? When the NBA’s best players gather for the annual All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles, they will have something in common: none of them will be able to walk onto the court wearing these shoes, the first-ever banned by the NBA due to their performance-enhancing abilities. In the spirit of the NBA ban, APL today unveils a new, limited-edition shoe – the Concept 1 Red BANNED Edition – that commemorates the league’s decision.

The carbon-fiber synthetic shoes are red with white trim and have the word BANNED inscribed on each insole. They feature the same revolutionary Load ‘N Launch™ Technology as the original Concept 1 shoes released in June 2010. The Concept 1 was quickly banned by the NBA based on its rule against an “undue competitive advantage” due to the fact that the shoe increases a player’s vertical leap. The ban, the first of its kind in the NBA’s 64-year history, prevents players from wearing the Concept 1 during the 2010-2011 season. It is scary to think about what Blake Griffin could do in APL Concept 1 shoes. In biomechanical testing at a leading west coast university laboratory, the Athletic Propulsion Labs Concept 1 shoes delivered increases in vertical leap of up to 3.5 inches when compared against a leading competitive brand’s most expensive basketball shoe. Participants in the testing were also found to exert far less energy when jumping in the APL Concept 1 shoes.


The Red Concept 1 shoes are available exclusively through, and buyers will also receive a free gift: a red “Banned by the NBA” t-shirt. This is one slick shoe and we hear that it actually works, does anyone own a pair and if so how do they work?

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