Lacie Little Big Disk Brings Enterprise Storage Capability To The Consumer Market


Lacie Little Big Disk

LaCie has just introduced the LaCie Little Big Disk featuring the all-new Thunderbolt technology, developed by Intel and brought to market with collaboration from Apple. Designed to store large audio and video files, the LaCie Little Big Disk will bring a new level of performance to creative workflows with ultra-fast data transfer, complete system backup in minutes, and faster content editing than ever before. I have to say that this is nice, if it can truly deliver these kinds of speeds into the consumer space then that changes the game for folks who like to store large amounts of audio and video. My biggest concern here though, is that with the Thunderbolt technology and the SSD’s there is no way the cost of the drive is going to be in the range where this is going to be a practical option for most people, but if they can keep the price under $350 then I think there will definitely be a huge market for it.

Thunderbolt technology delivers incredible bandwidth at 10Gbps and runs two protocols (PCI Express and DisplayPort) simultaneously over a single cable for connectivity to high performance peripherals like LaCie Little Disk and high-resolution displays. Created with mobile and media professionals in mind, Thunderbolt technology moves content with blazing speed and facilitates complete system backups in minutes. Using a single Thunderbolt cable, users can connect their notebooks to high resolution displays, cameras and storage – all at the same time – for a fast, simple, and portable computing environment.

The LaCie Little Big Disk can deliver multiple streams of HD video and offload hours of content in minutes without compromising bandwidth and performance.  The LaCie Little Big Disk can even be daisy chained for storage expansion or connecting other peripherals. The LaCie Little Big Disk will be the first in a range of storage and peripherals solutions from LaCie that feature Thunderbolt technology. The Little Big Disk will be available by summer 2011.


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