The Thrills and Ills of Online Dating

online-datingIf you’re a 20-something still on the dating scene in the 21st century, chances are that either you or someone you know has used one of the online matching services that seem to be everywhere these days. This should come as no surprise seeing as how technology is a permanent fixture in many aspects of our lives. We can do a million different things online these days, why not find that special someone?. So, why would there still be a stigma attached to on-line dating? Let’s explore the pros and cons together…
People (namely women) have more control – The first interaction between two individuals that have expressed interest in one another is through a third party website. There is an opportunity to get to know someone on a deeper level prior to exchanging personal information (e.g. email address or cell phone number).

Shy individuals gain confidence – Personally speaking, I find that it is easier to “put myself out there” and let a guy know that I’m interested online. The rejection is in the form of a non-reply and quite frankly, that isn’t so bad because you can focus your attention on the next one, or two, or three potentials.

Proverbial dating buffet bar – You have the ability to browse through several profiles and choose as many as you can fit on your dating plate. There probably won’t be that many people making the cut, but it doesn’t take away the possibility and thus gives you several options to choose from.

False profile information – Users of online dating services can withhold or “beef up” their profiles to sound like a better version of themselves. The problem with this situation is that one can only go by what someone has told them. Only after some time has passed will it be possible to inquire about the things that just don’t add up.

Slim pickings – This is specifically directed at women because I have personally experienced this. One of my good girlfriends (who lives in the same geographic area) also uses online dating as a primary love connection source. Unfortunately there have been a few times when we realized that we made acquaintances with the same guy (shocking but true).

Personality quirks or shortcomings – There may be preconceived notions attached to those who choose to use online dating services. For men, the assumption may be that he is a weirdo and socially inept. On the other hand, women are desperate and their biological clock is ticking faster than a normal 24-hr day.

The honest truth about choosing to use an online dating service is that it works for some and not so much for others. There is always the question of safety hanging in the balance. Using caution regardless of whether one meets a potential mate at the grocery store, at a social gathering, or online is key. We all come across people who are not 100% stable every day of our lives and there is no avoiding it. I am going to continue using every avenue that I can to attain my goal of meeting my lifelong partner. I won’t be too upset if most women aren’t convinced to utilize online dating after reading this passage. That would just increase my chances of finding love faster. (*tongue in cheek*)


  1. Melanie says:

    I have been trying to convince my best friend to do online dating. I think that it is the best “first date” option, allowing you to quickly eliminate bad apples rather than having to come up with a quick escape route at a bar or restaurant.

  2. Jacob says:

    I think online dating is the way to go honestly, it cuts through a bunch of the bull that you would normally waste time with. People are much more honest online (most of the time) so it allows you to avoid people you aren’t compatible with. Best thing that ever happened to dating.

  3. OldLove says:

    Everyone always talks about old love and how it was better and more meaningful back in the days. Guess what, online dating wasn’t around back then. That tells me this is probably not the way to go. Do things the old way, and get the old results – OLD LOVE

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