The Best Way To Unclog Your Drains At Home, The Turbo Snake


It actually works!!

I am just like a lot of you, I see the infomercials about these as seen on TV products all the time and don’t give many of them the time of day. Every now and then though one catches my eye and I say to myself that might just work. The Turbo Snake was once such purchase, I actually bought it before I ever had a need for it. I thought for $20 what could it hurt and it was much better for the environment than all those harsh cleaners my mom used to use when I was little that never “really” worked. I figured, what have I got to lose.

Then one day a couple of the sink drains started running slow and I knew I had my chance. I bought the “Plumber’s Quality” Turbo Snake because its reusable and is supposed to be more durable. I opened the pack and there was two, one for tubs and showers and the other for sinks. I unraveled the one for sinks and then ran it down into the drain like the instructions said. I wiggled it around a bit and slowly pulled it back out and what happened next was both expected and disturbing. I pulled out a huge glob of stuff, mostly hair. I did this about three times in each drain and it worked completely as advertised. What the commercials don’t really show you is how nasty this stuff really is, but if you can manage it then you can get it done.

All in all the Turbo Snake worked better than I could have imagined, I got the drain unclogged within 15 minutes, didn’t use any harsh chemicals and didn’t need a plumber. I am sure there are some clogs that are so bad that you might require a plumber, but before you call one or decide to use harsh chemicals like Drain-O or something I suggest your try out the Turbo Snake. It worked like a charm for me and definitely goes down as one of the best $20 I have EVER spent.

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with the company that makes the Turbo Snake, I just like to share my experiences with others so they can benefit.

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