LinkedIn Reaches 100 Million Users, More Than Half From Outside The U.S.

linkedin-logosmLookout Facebook, LinkedIn is on the move. Today, LinkedIn announced it has reached a major milestone in its development: 100 million professionals are now members of the world’s largest professional network. This still doesn’t put LinkedIn anywhere near Facebook’s 500 million users but it shows that LinkedIn is no fly by night operation and is here to stay. In the end, they might just have a more solid business model than Facebook to be honest.

CEO Jeff Weiner writes about the transformative effect that connecting talent with opportunity on a massive scale can have on people’s careers and lives. And Scott Nicholson digs deeper into the data and interesting facts behind 100 million members. LinkedIn is now growing at a rate of roughly one million new LinkedIn members every week. LinkedIn is also rapidly growing its network globally: the LinkedIn site is currently available in six languages, and more than half of its base, or approximately 56 million members, comes from outside the United States.

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