Will You Be Next Voice Of The AFLAC Duck, Auditions About To Start

aflac-duck-call-auditionAflac doesn’t waste any time and with the most recognizable part of their brand how could you blame them? Gilbert Gottfried had been the voice of the duck for several years but was recently fired after making insensitive comments about the tragedies in Japan via his Twitter account. As they always say though, one man’s loss is another man’s or woman’s gain in this case. Aflac today announced its plan for a nationwide casting call to find a new voice for the iconic Aflac Duck. The company plans to hold auditions in six cities across the United States during the first week of April. Interested parties will find a complete job description and information about how to secure an audition appointment on Monster.com and at Quackaflac.com, where job seekers can also submit applications online. Live auditions will be held in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, Austin and Atlanta. While these audition slots will be limited, the online casting call is open today and will remain open until April 1, 2011 at midnight Pacific time. If you’re a voice actor or heck even just a regular person who may be out of work you should audition because you never know. While live auditions are only going in those six cities mentioned above this is a nationwide search and you can interview over the phone and via satellite so your location doesn’t matter. After the Gottfried incident you will notice there is a lot of language about behaving appropriately in the job description for the new duck. What are you waiting for the next Aflac duck could be you.

Since 2000, the Aflac Duck has appeared in 52 television ads and numerous radio ads. Immediately following the initial auditions, a selection of candidates will be chosen by a professional casting agency, with the top contenders invited for a callback. Candidates will be judged on their ability to communicate an entire vocabulary in one word, Aflac, and how their voice can help the Aflac Duck sound informative, frustrated, happy, hurt, or angry, including grunts, groans, and mutterings, but no words other than Aflac. Prior voice-over experience is preferred, but not required.

All auditions — online or live — will be a maximum of 30 seconds and will irrevocably become the property of Aflac. There will be limited availability for live auditions, so those seeking to interview in one of the six cities where casting calls will take place should make an appointment by following the instructions on Monster.com or Quackaflac.com. Live interviews will be held by appointment only. The ten finalists selected for a callback will be required to conduct a second audition either via satellite or in person in New York City.

While searching for the new voice of the Aflac Duck, Aflac is continuing its television advertising schedule with “Silent Movie,” which stars the Aflac Duck in a scene that resembles an old silent movie genre film. In “Silent Movie,” the Aflac Duck rescues a damsel in distress in much the same way that he provides a safety net for policyholders who are sick or injured.

Applicants should consider the following job description before applying:

Job Title: New Voice of the Aflac Duck

About the Job

This position will be integral to forging Aflac’s voice in all manner of communications. In this role, you will find innovative ways to use one word to convey to consumers that they need Aflac to complement their major medical plans.


  • Creates innovative and original quacking that helps consumers understandhow Aflac is different from major medical Insurance.
  • Strategically develops ways for the word “Aflac” to communicate that the company’s insurance provides a safety net for families.
  • Translates complex messages into a single word that tells people, “Aflac is the insurance company that they can count on in their time of need.”
  • Provides exceptional and creative use of the word “Aflac” for advertising in television, Web sites and other marketing communications.
  • Embodies the spirit of caring and ethics that Aflac is known for both in and out of the recording studio.

Special Skills

  • Requires correct pronunciation of the word Aflac
  • Must be able to present complex information clearly and concisely into an effective reading of the word “Aflac”
  • Ability to improvise
  • Skilled at making people laugh
  • Unique and memorable voice
  • Bilingual or trilingual skills (English with Duck and Spanish Duck)
  • Prior acting and or voice-over experience is preferred, but not required.

Core Competencies

  • Inspires trust and behaves ethically
  • Is customer-centric
  • Has a collaborative spirit especially when it comes to working with
  • ducks
  • Is creative


  1. Jennifer Weller says:

    If anyone should be the next voice for the AFLAC duck it should be Robin Williams. I think he would be great for the part.

  2. Williams would be great but I doubt they could afford him. Plus since you only have to be able to say “Quack” I think a regular person has a real chance of winning, you should try out even. What have you got to lose right?

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