Taylor Swift Total Album Sales Surpass 20 Million

Taylor Swift has surpassed the 20 million milestone for album sales, no small feat for anyone but especially for someone who is only 21 years old. Taylor has sold 10 million albums in the last 18 months – she reached the 10 Million albums sold mark in September of 2009. The 20 million number represents actual full albums sold – in addition, Taylor has sold over 33 million paid song downloads, making her the top-selling digital artist in music history.

20 Million+ is the worldwide combined sales total for her three Big Machine Records studio albums: Taylor Swift (released in 2006), Fearless (2008), and Speak Now (October, 2010), plus The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection and Beautiful Eyes (a Walmart-only release).

Taylor’s 20 million + albums sold include the following:

  • Taylor Swift 5,534,805 units US & International
  • Fearless 8,681,753 units US & International
  • Speak Now 4,850,246 units US & International
  • The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection 788,353 units US
  • Beautiful Eyes 257,047 units US

21-year old Taylor, who writes all of her own material, sold more albums than any other artist in any genre of music in both 2010 and 2008, and her Fearless album was 2009’s top-selling CD.  What can you say about Taylor Swift besides the girl is a beast, hope she can keep it up.

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