Aflac Finds The New Voice Of Its Iconic Duck

Aflac gots its man or duck rather. The search for the new “voice” of the Aflac duck is over. We told you a few weeks back that Aflac was looking for one of you to be the new voice of the duck and we told you how you could enter. Well the search is over and one lucky sales manager from Minnesota is the new voice. Daniel McKeague, 36, a father of three from Hugo, Minn., outlasted 12,500 other contestants to replace actor Gilbert Gottfried and become the new voice of Aflac’s duck mascot.

aflac-duck-call-auditionAs you may remember, Gottfried had been the voice of the duck in the U.S. for over a decade but was relieved of his duties after posting insensitive comments about the Japan earthquake and tsunami on his Twitter account. This was a big deal because more than 75% of Alfac’s revenue comes from Japan, so they had to act swiftly and deliberately. Very soon after that the search was on for the new voice of their iconic duck as Aflac announced a contest to find Gottfried’s replacement. The actor who currently voices the duck in Japan will continue on though.

McKeague did what several other thousand people were told to and that was upload a 30-second clip of him doing his best “AFLAC”!! to Aflac’s website. From there he made the first cut and got a more formal video audition a little while after. For his efforts, McKeague will receive a one-year contract that is in the low six figures, which the company says likely will be renewed for several years if things go well. The first ad featuring McKeague’s voice aired last night during “The Voice” on NBC. This is damn good work if you can get it, congrats to Daniel.

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