VIBE’s Sexy Issue Sports Double Covers, Featuring Rick Ross And Amber Rose

VIBE’s June/July 2011 Sexy Issue (on newsstands June 12th) takes a look at SEX and how it impacts what music we listen to, what we wear, what we drive and who we vote for. These are two interesting picks for this cover, but at least Ross has real talent. Not hating on Amber Rose but she doesn’t really have any talent besides being kinda cute and well…you know.

Rapper Rick Ross gathers his Maybach Music Group for a late night confessional of groupie love, stamina and giving back (sexually) to the community in “Group Sex.” Model Amber Rose discusses her relationships with Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa, her stripping days and her future as an icon in “Amber Rose’s Life Doesn’t Suck.” Lil’ Kim’s relevance in today’s music world is debated by the Queen Bee’s closest friends and business associates in a expose touching upon losing the love of her life (Notorious B.I.G.), serving jail time, reinventing her look and trying to take the spotlight back from heir apparent Nicki Minaj.


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