Another Variation On A Classic, Meet Courvoisier Rose

Beam Global Spirits & Wine and Courvoisier have announced the addition of Courvoisier Rose to its portfolio. A smooth blend of Courvoisier cognac and premium French red wine grapes, Courvoisier Rose is a light and refreshing cognac drink, crafted to be the perfect beverage for any occasion. I might have to try this but honestly I am a Hennessey man through and through.
Courvoisier-Rose-bottleCourvoisier Rose provides a smooth alternative to the traditional flavor profiles of cognac, offering consumers a fun, stylish beverage that is easy to drink. Packaged in the iconic Josephine bottle, Courvoisier Rose’s flavor profile features notes of blackberry, black currant and a touch of cherry, complemented by vanilla, honey and vine-peach flavors. For those who typically pair cognac with juice or other mixers, Courvoisier Rose is the ideal alternative. The 36 proof liquid is best served chilled or on ice for a refreshing and approachable taste experience.

Courvoisier Rose:

  • Is made with Courvoisier Cognac and a light touch of premium French red wine grapes.
  • Offers a refreshing and approachable taste experience that enables easy drinking for any occasion; over a night out with the girls, in mixed company or for a night with a significant other.
  • Has a flavor profile crafted of blackberry, black currant and a touch of cherry, complemented by notes of vanilla, honey and vine-peach flavors for a smooth, refreshing experience.
  • Has a lower ABV (18%) than our traditional cognac product (40%).
  • Is a first of its kind innovation for the category, offering consumers a new and exciting spirit option to be enjoyed on every occasion, or just because.

Courvoisier Rose will be available nationwide beginning June 1, 2011. A 750ml bottle has a suggested retail price of $24.99.

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