Charlie Sheen Returning To TV In “Anger Management”

Former Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen is planning his return to series television in Anger Management, a new sitcom loosely based on Revolution Studios’ 2003 hit comedy feature of the same name. I know Charlie Sheen comes from a family of talented people and is a huge star in his own right but does this not seem like a bad idea to anyone. Sheen is as self-destructive force as I have ever seen and there is no reason to believe that after only a few months away from the limelight any of those issues that he has have been worked out. I know that for good or bad people will tune in but it just seems to me to highlight how much people try to exploit people for as much as they can before it all goes to hell. Sheen needs some serious help but it seems that no one in his life will stand up to him and tell him that if he continues on this path his fame will be the least of the things he has to worry about losing.


Sheen will retain a significant ownership stake in the series inspired by the film, in which a mild-mannered, non-confrontational man is ordered to attend group anger management sessions led by a therapist who could probably use some anger management himself.

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