HP Releases Limited-Edition 12c 30th Anniversary Calculator

HP is marking 30 years of innovation and industry acclaim with a limited-edition HP 12c Financial Calculator, the gold standard of business calculation, which the company has sold continuously for three decades. The HP 12c revolutionized financial calculations with a breakthrough landscape layout, computations more accurate than federal standards publications and an unmatched keypad that let users enter complex formulas with ease, speed and confidence. Replaceable miniature batteries enabled the calculator to fit in a shirt pocket.


The 12c calculator remains a vital tool in the lives of finance and business professionals, and is one of only two calculators permitted for use during financial professional certification exams. The calculator features Reverse Polish Notation (RPN), which improves efficiency, thereby speeding the calculation of loan payments and interest rates, time value of money, standard deviation, percent, cash flows, bonds and more.

To commemorate this milestone, HP is now offering a limited-edition 30th anniversary HP 12c calculator. Each calculator has a unique production number laser-etched on the back, and is sold in an elegant gift box. It features the same timeless design and durability of the original. HP also reintroduced the HP 15c Scientific Calculator, first launched in 1982. The 15c is one the most advanced scientific calculators in the HP line-up and an essential tool for scientists and engineers. Also featuring RPN entry, the 15c is programmable and offers built-in support for complex numbers, matrix math, numeric integration and root solving. Discontinued in 1989, the HP 15c has lived on as a mobile app. For a limited time, HP is making the 15c available with its same intelligent design, but with 100 times faster processing speed than the original.

The HP 12c Financial Calculator is available now at HP Home & Home Office for $79.99. The HP 15c Scientific Calculator is expected to be available at HP Home & Home Office this month for $99.99.

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  1. My 12c still works perfectly from the 80’s – still on original batteries amazingly.

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