Michael Vick Tired Of Getting Hit Late, If Refs Called The Penalties The Late Hits Would Stop

Today Michael Vick took a late shot and broke his right hand (non-throwing) and he finally spoke up and said that he was upset about taking so many shots. As someone who has watched Vick his whole career, I understand and concede that his style of play causes him to take a lot more shots than other QB’s. Those shots are completely on Vick and I think he really needs to take some time and learn to slide. But those aren’t the shots that I am talking about.


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Michael Vick is one of the most exciting players in the NFL, but more importantly he is one of the Top 10 QB’s. Everyone knows that the NFL goes a long way to protect the QB’s in the league so why Vick doesn’t get more calls I can’t understand. The hit today that he broke his hand on would have never even been tried if it was Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Drew Brees standing back there. On a regular basis Michael Vick gets hit after the ball has been out of his hands for 2-4 seconds. That may seem like a small amount of time but anyone who watches the NFL knows that you don’t take unnecessary shots at the QB and especially after the ball is away. The reason that Brady, Manning and those guys don’t take those kind of shots is because the referees have shown that they will consistently call the penalty if you hit them and thus people don’t. Now some people will say that he’s whining, but the truth is that the point he made today is absolutely right. He’s not talking about the hits he takes when he’s in the open field and scrambling, he’s talking about when he’s in the pocket, gets the ball away and still gets hit.

I don’t think that Vick should get special treatment, I just think he should get the same level of treatment that other QB’s in the league get in terms of hits after the ball is away. If the referees started to call penalties on the late hits on Vick on a regular basis they would stop doing it. As it stands, by not calling it the referees are effectively condoning it. All I’m saying to the NFL is that if you are going to call it for some QB’s, you have to call it for all QB’s, even Michael Vick who when standing in the pocket after the ball is away or clearly running out of bounds should get the same protection as any other QB.


  1. Marsha says:

    waaaaa waaaaaa waaaaa LMAO

  2. Stephanie says:

    Poor baby. He signed up for the sport which is more than we can say for the dogs he fought and killed. Top 10 QB… right…

    • B.Jordan says:

      @Stephanie your just saying that because, what happen to him in the past… But Tom Brady and Peyton manning yell at the refs every time they get hit late. They have made rules to protect QB’s because Tom Brady got hurt

  3. Melanie says:

    I saw the game yesterday and I have to agree. Brady rarely takes a late hit and when he does there is a huge penalty for the defense. Vick gets knocked around after the throw so much that after they show the catch, they turn around and show him on the ground. It’s ridiculous and as far as all of the hate goes – get over it!

    • blaster5337 says:

      I totally agree. This man is taking hits that no other Quarterback in the NFL is taking in the pocket. What’s funny is that it is so obvious even to those people that commented here against him and alluding to the dog issue. What do dogs have to do with this issue? All of you people need to stick to what is relevant and the dog issues is definitely not relevant.

  4. BroadStreetBullies says:

    How come Eli didn’t get the 15yrds when he was faced masked. maybe if his name was Vick he would had gotten the call, right Michael? Vick should watch tapes when McNabb used to get hit playing against Giants. That what the Giants do, Hit and knock out the QB. They did it last yr to a few QB’s not named Vick

  5. Jeff says:

    I agree Vick gets protected less than many other qb’s. In his case though I don’t mind. He needs a good lick for every dog he’s tortured and killed. I have no sympathy for the man.

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